Thursday, July 30, 2009

What type of breed is my cat ?

heres the link so u can tell me what breed is my cat
looks like a tabby - pusssy is angry though - maybe she needs a playmate?
DSH. That is Domestic Shorthair. Some would call it a "Siamese marked mix" also. It is a typical cat. No specific breed. You get cats marked like that in lots of litters.
Who the heck can look at that picture and think that is a medium or longhaired cat??? That is sad. It is SOOO clearly SHORThaired!!!
I'm not really sure what breed is your cat but you can look at borders or some other book store or library and look for a book about cats and scan through it and sometimes on the back (I think..) there will be some different colors of cats and and things like that and it most likely would tell you what kind of breed it is.
Could possibly be a cross between a domestic short hair cat and a pure bred such as a Burmese, Abyssian. Very cute cat though. :)
I am pretty sure a siamese mix, 'cuse of half of the face, and black-striped tail. Maybe with maine coon? Calico? Hmmm.
Well, he/she is definatly either a DLH (Domestic Long Hair.),
Or a DSH (Domestic Short Hair.)
PS. Your cat is adorable! Like every cat on this planet.
American Or Domestic short hair :)
I am the proud human that is blessed with two of them.and am currently baby sitting their baby brother too ...
this gives a bit of history to the DSH cat too:
domestic short hair
She is siamese mix, and her color is called Patched Tabby and white. I'm not sure if she's a Blue Patched or a Lilac one.
She is gorgeous.
Looks like a Siamese cat to me.
that is a FINE CAT also known as a BLUE-EYED FINE CAT.
It's a domestic shorthair, but it does have siamese/burmese coloring (except for the white), with the colors being stronger on the extremities of the body (you can't tell on her feet and face because of her white "gloves and mask- white covers other colors ;)) and she also has the characteristic blue eyes. She is tortie-tabbypoint with white.
I'm not sure if she's a dilute or non-dilute, her tail %26 ears confuse me as they are much darker than her face- in her face she seems dilute (blue/cream tortie tabby point with white), but her tail looks full colored - Is she young still?
Then her face (mask), especially the now creamy red part , might get darker still, proving that she's a non-dilute. She can't be both, so either bluetortie-tabbypoint%26white or normal tortie-tabbypoint%26white. My guess would be the latter.
So be prepared to see your cat's face look a darker in a couple of years.
The gene for siamese coloring is also found in the domestic cat population,although relatively rare, but it needs to come from both parents for this to show up in offspring (it's recessive).
So one siamese and one domestic parent wouldn't explain this coloring! The domestic then at least would have to carry the desciribed color gene.
Looking at her face, I would say there's some siamese in there, but having no known background, she would still classify as domestic shorthair.
Of all breeds, I would say she resembles the snowshoe most- but without a pedigree, you can't call her that ;)
But this is pretty special.
Very pretty girl!
Very pretty cat. It's a dilute Calico for sure, but may have Siamese or rag doll/ragamuffin mixed in with it to get those big blue eyes! Without a pedigree there is no way of knowing for sure though.

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