Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I name my new cat?

She's 8 weeks old and she's a tortoiseshell. If you don't know what that means, here is a pick of a cat with a similar coat:
But she is real sweet and playful and her hair length is medium, and will probably be longer as she ages.
What are some names that would fit her? I'm at a total blank.
she looks like a goddess
you may call her Cleopatra, Juliana, Jasmine... but I like Bailey
Calicos are ugly. I'd name her Gutter-Muffin.
I would name the cat Snots.
Hershey, Coco, Carmel, Sapphire, Autumn, Midnight, your favorite candy bar, Raspberry or you can name her one of her personality traits. Bailey is cute.
I don't know if you know this or not, but Tortoise shell kitties are the national cat of Maryland. How about the name Ashes? I had a cat that was a Tortie and her name was Katie.
you can call her "K C" that is short for "kitty cat" and has a nice sound to it. good luck to you and your new baby cat.
What about Riley, Tasha, Lexie, Roxie or Abbie
She looks like a Mimi..or a Mia.
Miara, Mary, Laury
I think she is very pretty. How about Shady sense she has a lot of black in her? Shade is black.
maybe you can call her
hope i helped
Well I don't know what name but you can name it like what it does or what it looks like,I have a cat I named her Hershey because she is brown.
My grandmother has a kitten like that. Her cats name is Nora. She was thinking about naming it "Emmy" for emerald because of her green eyes. Or some other ideas:
Baily (I think you have a good name there!)
Olive (Ollie for short)
Hope I helped, good luck with your cute little friend! :)
name the cat...fluffy =]
I think you should give the cat's name that sound like this 'Foxtrots'.
You could call her: Rupert
She is very pretty! I like the name Bailey. Go with that it is you first choice.

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