Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats the best way to get my cat to adapt to moving to a new house?

place the litter box where you want to keep it before you let kitty out. then, place kitty in or right next to the litter box. kitty will explore on his/her own from the litter box. it will map every point in the house from and to the litter box. this will prevent accidents because kitty will always know where the litter box is. also, kitty may walk low to the floor with his/her tail between the legs... this is ok. just let kitty explore. most cats will hide during the day and explore a new area at night, when the house is quiet and everybody is asleep. make sure to give kitty affection and play with kitty when you see kitty during the day. it may take a week (give or take) but kitty will adapt. and it will help for you to be calm and affectionate toward kitty. this way kitty gets a safe sensation from you.
i have no idea sorry i really wanna help
just let it run around the house and get used to it ... it will adjust ... there really isn't much more you can do ... having you around will help it a lot.
I recently moved my 14 year old cat for a couple weeks into a different house. He didn't seem to mind too much.
I brought his old bed and scratching post and set it up in my bedroom. For the first few days I kept him contained to my room and let him adjust. After a week he was fine, but i do think he missed going outside.
I think the biggest thing would be not to let the cat go outside. Its a new place and they might get lost or hurt. In my situation my cat went from ranch living to city, so he doesn't know to stay away from roads.
Nothing to it. When your cat arrives at your/cats new home let your cat explore by her/him self with out interruption.
Before you and your cat arrive at your new home have everything in place...scratching post, water dish, cat box and a few of his/her familiar toys.
I suggest you don't have a house warming party or company on this day. Let it be you and your cat only. You go about your business and your can will go about it's business exploring. That will be enough excitement for the both you for one day.
Your cat will soon feel right at home.
Have a good time together on your new adventure.

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