Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do for my lonely kitty?

My cat, a 2 year old, and I were living with 2 other cats for a year. Before this he was always solo cat. He has spent the last year playing with these kitties and living with a lot of people. He loves to play. Now I just moved into an apartment and he is the only kitty. He meowed all night and walked around. My mother said she want him back, though he is my cat. Do you think he will be ok after a while or should I let him go back to the house with the other kitties? She offered me a kitten in his place that would be ok if it grew up alone but I don't want another cat. I will only do this if it is good for him.
it sounds harsh but for kitty's well fare let him go and see his friends and visit him when you can. the kitten your mother is offering you cannot take other kitty's place he/she will just be a companion, if you get the new kitty it will cry for the first night as well because it wont be familiarized with its surroundings. i would keep current kitty for a little while (a week) to see if the crying stops!
hope you make the right decision and end up happy with a happy cat!
if you don't want another cat, let him go back. they go a little psycho when lonely too long. (my cat started eating the fur off his own tail.) the dr said it was anxiety from loneliness. totally right. I got another cat, and they hate each other, but when the 2nd cat spent a few nights at the vet, cat#1 just cried and cried and cried meowing.
Poor kitty. Sometimes it's better to do what's best for the cat and it sounds like he should go where he has friends, excitement, and playmates. Two cats are almost always better than one. No, I don't think he'll be okay after awhile, I think he's miserable.
get a nother kitty..

DUH!!!! B8TC89H!
get some toys for him:]
bone him...he'll like that
Have you considered adopting another cat to provide him companionship?
If you can afford to support another cat, that would seem the best solution to me. Your cat would have a friend and if you adopted a cat from a shelter you would be providing a home for a cat that needs one.
If you get one kitten, you should get two. Kittens need companionship and someone to roughhouse with even more than adult cats do.
Get your kitty a another kitty to play with...I had a cat and when we got him we got his brother..they were never lonely then.
He should either go to live with your mother or you should get another kitten. I bought two kittens. I was having a little "buyer's remorse" because I wasn't sure I could afford it. My apartment charges a $250 deposit per animal. $500 for some rescued kittens? Eeeek! But when I wentin they said that one kitten isn't really any different than two, so I only had to pay $250. Sweet!
Go to the animal shelter and get your baby a little brother or sister to smack around.
try to let the cat go outside or it will need an other cat. It will feel really lonely without no freedom because outside it is really interesting. The cat will be bored alone. You will have to spend a lot of your time with it if you keep her alone!
he might stop or just get him a toy or somthing to do just play with him as if you were a kitten

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