Friday, July 31, 2009

What will remove cat urine odors?

A product called Urine-off. It's the only thing I've ever found that works 100% and beats out Nature's Miracle, white vinegar and all the other stuff you can buy in the pet store. I get it from the vet but you can get it online too. Something peed on a sofa I had in storage during a remodel and it got it out. It also helped with housebreaking two dogs and a cat. Awesome stuff.
I'd check out the above too, but personally I've had good results with white vinegar and green soap.
(Don't use anything containing chloride as this might actually entice a cat to urinate over it.)
buy those oder killing sprays from pet co or pet smart :) np for the advise
I got something called "out" at wal mart for about seven dollars, it comes in a 24 oz bottle. It says it's a cat spray and urine stain and odor remover, effective on cat spray, urine, hairballs, vomit, blood, feces and more. I understand the way it works is that enzymes eat the pee. My cat had an accident and it smelled very bad, I used this stuff and it worked, no more smell. I had to apply it twice, and I had to soak the area.
We use 'Simple Solution' that we get at PetSmart... PetCo might have it as well. Removes ALL kinds of odors and stains, regardless of what the stain is.
Try putting litter deodorizer.
I have this same problem. I use vanilla extract in a spray bottle with water. I put a capfull in my laundry if the cat has peed on my clothes. Otherwise I just clean the spot and spray it down with the vanilla water.

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