Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should i do with the kitten i found?

i found it last night in the field behind my house it looks very healthy and fat but is still young i think its mom is still around the property it is in a big plastic tub with some blankets but keeps crying i don't know what to do
GIVE IT A LITTLE MILK WITH WATER SO IT DOESN'T STARVE TO DEATH. Someone may have abandoned it, so if you don't want it, take it to an animal shelter so someone else can adopt it.
i got the same problem only i have 3 i say leave it there for a few more days and watch to see if the mother comes back if not hand rear it yourself
i think u should take it to the vet to see if its alright just incase.
You don't say how old it sounds as though you need to keep it WARM and get some KMR and a pet nursing bottle and feed it.
It's crying because it's missing everything it needs: warmth, food, and cuddles.
You can also get some Gerber's or Beechnut Stage 2 Chicken Baby Food, and put a little in with WARM but NOT HOT KMR, shake bottle, and nurse kitten.
Wipe bum with a warm wet peice of cotton to make kitten poo %26 pee.
You can introduce dry food at 4-5 weeks- soak it.
If the kitten's older (5-6 weeks) get some dry cat food and some canned cat food (nutromax is a good, fairly inexpensive food- canned and dry kitten formula)
the better the food the healthier the cat.
A shelter won't take a nursing kit.
A resue might. Go to a pet store %26 see what you can find out- you have to go there anyway for KMR %26 bottle.
Feed kitten 4-5 times a day.
Kits don't cry unless they need.
keep it but ask around the neighborhood if a mother cat is missing any kittens, if so ask if you can keep the kitten. they might let you!! either way you can probably keep the cat
I had this same exact problem.
Here is my story first and you should do exactly what i did.
I was camping with a friend and she rode up on her bike to the Camp Store to see if there were any golf carts available while me and her mom stayed back by the trailer. Well what had happened was before she got there she heard the camp store lady yelling to this guy with a beer box that if he had beer he needed to take it outside. But it wasnt beer it was two stray baby 3 week old kittens. My friend called her mom and told her that and we took them in. What we started to do was to get cow's milk and mush up some kitten food with that. But they didnt eat that. So (from experience from my friends mom:) we went out to the grocery store and bought the stinkiest wettest kitten food out there. They chowed down on it. We knew the momma was still on the campground so (lol we ended up getting the golf cart) we drove around on the golf cart and made the kittens cry. To see if the mom would come runnign but she didnt so my friend and her mom took them in!!! So waht you need to do is go to the store and go out and buy the stinkest, most wettest, kitten food out there and feed the kitten that. It works! Trust me~! I hope this helps you out~!!!!!!!!!
spca they might help you
or just find a animal lost and found place around your neighborhood
thats where i went when i found a kitten like yours they help me alot
i sure hope it helps
good luck
depends on how old the kitten is .. if it is youner than 6-7 weeks then you need to find its mother .. and fast or get another mother cat to look after is or feed it yourself (but check to see what is best to feed it with a vet)
you can put up posters asking if anyone has lost a kitten and hopefully somebody will come to collect it.
try find the mother cat - if its nearby then it will come if you leave some food out or something
You should take it to a local shelter if you are not willing to look after it yourself. Find a box to transport it, cut a couple of medium-sized holes to ensure that it doesn't fell too scared but still can't get out. It is important that the kitten get proper care and nourishment, so you should do it asap.
If you are willing to look after the cat, go to a grocery store (cheaper than pet stores), and first buy kitten food, a litter box (many cats prefer closed litter boxes... they have a lid and give them an extra sense of security and comfort), litter (I find that clumping litter is the easiest), water and food bowls, plastic forks and/or spoons, treats (my kitten loves chicken hairball treats), and wet food as an occaisional treat. Wet food comes in little 5.5 ounce cans of many different flavors. You should also buy a carrying case to transport your new kitten, and take him/her to the vet ASAP. Like all animals, humans included, cats can carry diseases. Also, you may want to get it spayed/neutered so that you don't get anymore kittens running around.
If you do decide to keep it, you may want to buy a cat care book and just look through it to buy other things. There are many other things your new cat will need such as a scratching post, toys (especially toy mice), a hairbrush, a cat nail-clipper (NEVER get a cat de-clawed. Their claws are their only means of climbing and defending themselves. It is cruel and no cat should ever have to have their claws taken off. That is equivalent to cutting your fingers off to their first joint; you can not just tell the fingernails to come off and not grow again, it has to be taken off from the root) and a bed. Also, ensure that there is somewhere where the kitten can always go and be sure that there will be no one to come and bother him/her.
Cats can be a great addition to your family. It has been proven that they can reduce blood pressure, stress, and many other diseases simply by playing with you a bit. They are like little babies... except without the hassle. You only need to feed them, give them water, clean their litter boxes (which, if you get the right litter, actually does not smell), and play with them occasionally. And you do not need to constantly play with them. Fifteen to twenty minutes should do it if you don't have much time. Cats sleep 18 hours a day so you should be able to get your work done easily.
If you keep your kitten... enjoy him/her... I would never have gotten a cat, but once my sister brought her home, we all fell in love with her.
Call your local no kill shelter. In the meantime, feed the poor baby. Even a bowl of milk will help; Mom may hve abandoned her. Dont' let this little life die.
Leave it there for a few days but MAKESURE that u keep watch and if its mum dosent come back then call the RSPCA because it may look healthy but it might not be.
While ur keeping watch over it makesure its being fed and if not then call the RSPCA straight away!
Didn't your mother ever tell you not to pick-up stray cats
and strange animals, including the dating kind? ;)
Ever hear of "rabies"?
Call the ASPCA or local dog catcher.

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