Friday, July 31, 2009

What's a good name for my Siamese cat?

Gemini (like Siamese twins, and gemini means twins).
how about simbad
Is it a girl or boy? If it is a girl call it Nala. If it is a boy call it Simba.
I have 2 one is Furby and the other is Zwirbel.
if it is a girl call it Mimi or for a boy simba For Sure!
Mocha or Latte or Luna or Mickey or Sinatra or Snickers or Jinx or Twix or Sox or Lilly or Beau
tin tin
I love the name Puppetta!
The name Simba is pretty popular for a boy, but I really like it, too!
But for a girl Tabitha or Natasha or Crumbles I think are cute.
Hope this helps!
Kung Fu
Hmm.if it's a girl you could name it Kilala or if it's a boy you could name it Kiyoshi. I named my siamese cat Leo.
you should call your cat KITTY
Sushi-- it fits both a male and female
If its a girl I like China.
They are originally from Asia and very asian looking.

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