Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a better cat name?

1. Spooky maybe for a black cat.
2. Dusty maybe for a gray cat.
shadow for the black cat and dusky for the Grey 1
I named my tortoise color cat who snorts and does not meow - harley.
I had a gray cat named Willow. I think the names you have chosen are too common.
kitkat is my black catts name
a good gray catt name might be smokes instead of smokey
smokes is a cool name
maybe'' harry
midnight etc..
I think Butterscotch is a really cute name for a toffee-toned cat...I also think it would be hilarious to have a black cat named Elvis. Indigo would be another cool name, Try to get creative with the naming process. I always find unique names to be more fitting than the average Spot. However, both the names you listed would work for cats. I would suggest that you find a cat you like and then pick names - it's hard to come up with names for a pet you haven't seen yet.
those are good names. I always choose something that is different. My calico is called Zodiac and my black cat is Hector. My mom names her cats after old war heros. She named our cat Shelby because one of the generals was called Shelby Foote and our cat has 6 toes, so Shelby "big" foote. :)
I would make a list of all your cats qualities and then imagine what a person would be named who was like that, or look in a baby book. I prefer odd names because I have never had a normal cat. Is there such thing as a normal cat? Just like with a baby, beware of the cute name that just doesn't apply to the mini lion that it might become.
When I worked at the humane society, 90% of black cats were named either Spooky, Midnight or Jinx
Gray cats were often either Misty or Graymalkin.
I think Spooky is adorable! I could picture a cat being named Spooky, its cute! Dont go with Dusty, some guys are named that. Its a cat, Spooky is creative and no a human name.
You're question is confusing! There is only one answer for each question...
I think that Dusty is a better name for a cat cause if I had to choose between those two name I would choose Dusty because I think it sounds better.
Spooky is an excellent song by the Classics IV, a clich茅 name for a black cat. Maybe Dusty would be a good name for a black
Dusty is OK for a gray cat, I guess. I have a gray cat and his name is Satan. Jerk that he is.
Tigerfire- Shelby Foote was probably the best known and most respected Civil War historian of the 20th Century, not a war hero.

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