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What's easier-- grown cats or kittens?

My seven years old daughter ADORES cats and we are looking to adopt two cats or two kittiens. I am concerned about the amount of time required to care for them. Any tip to make the job easier is also appreciated.
Thank you very much
This is just my opinion, but I think that grown cats will be easier to take care of, although they most likely won't live as long as the kittens. Some cats that are older don't like any attention at all, and will just leave you alone. But most kittens love to get affection from anyone and everyone, any time. Like I said before, though, older cats will not need as much play time and affection time as kittens.
Hope I helped!
-Lil' Princess
The best thing about cats is once you have them litter trained they pretty much are independent and can look after themselves. Grown cats can be tough to depends on their situation before being adopted by would want to make sure they were house broken, and that their previous owners kept them up to date with shots and things like that.
Kittens...will take more of your time...but might be more fun for your daughter because she will be able to raise them herself.
I've adopted both and without a doubt, grown cats. You can tell their personality right up front (kittens personalities are tough to judge) and you don't have the kitten crazies to deal with. Also the adults wait longer to get adopted so you are doing them a big favor. Go to the shelter and adopt the two friendliest adult cats you can find.
Cats, of course. But Kittens learn quickly, and they'll learn to take care of themselves and they live longer, leaving you to befreind them quicker then you can with the less playful Adult Cats.
Properly trained already housebroken adults cats...
I would say 2 kittens.Kittens get along very well with children and I think your daughter will enjoy having them.Just make sure the child handles them delicatly and kindly so it will not be afraid of them.2 Kittens will also be good because they can grow up together and also get along.Whereas 2 grown cats are sometimes harder to become friends with one another.Not only that but the kittens will grow up with your daughter, and you can be sure thats a wonderful friendship in the making.Although kittens do need more care then grown cats, kittens also sleep alot so it should be ok.Just try and have someone home alot.And being that you will get two kittens, they will mostly play with each other while people are gone, which keeps them out of alot of mischieve.Other then that just give them all the love and care you can, hope this helps :)
For a young child...kittens is the pick.
Grown cats are not always comfortable around kids (or people for that matter) and tend to pick one person or isolate themseves from a busy household. They take longer to acclimate to a new area/home.
Kittens, adjust easier, are very playful and take handling by children much better.
Cost is relatively the same for cats or kittens, though kittens may desire more toys. Cats and kittens both will sleep up to 20 hours a day though (more so for older cats).
Getting two can be a real treat and if you really want two, I dosuggest getting kittens. More playful, much more fun for the kids and there is nothing cuter than two kittens in full play mode. ( be warned, they will run full out from one end of the house to the other.)
Also, please get seperate litter boxes for them as some cats can get very picky about their toiletries and refuse to go where another cat has gone. (they are picky about their food dishes too and want seperate ones.)
The only time concern would be occasional grooming, trimming the tips of the nails and cleaning the litter box...OFTEN!! Cats do hate a dirty box.
Kittens in general will play with ANYTHING small enough to bap around the house, (mine loved twist ties) but often tend to loose items under furniture.
It is best to keep cats indoors if possible. Once a cat goes outside, there is no stopping it from forever wanting to be out.
(this especially includes the child carrying it out to show friends.)
Vet trips "require" cat carriers (one each) and it is also a good idea to have them to bring the cats home in. They don't seem to associate a carrier with being outdoors.
Definitely, Kittens. The growing and bonding of infant cats and young children is wonderful to behold. The cats will learn and the kids will learn. It's win-win.
hmmm, I would recommend two well-socialized adult cats (probably in the one to two year age range). Don't shy away from older cats, well-cared for cats can live to be 18, 19, 20 or even older! I read an article recently about a cat who is 36 years old (and still kicking!)
Kittens require more care, and at seven your daughter probably isn't mature enough to offer that care. (please don't take that the wrong way, I don't know your daughter, I'm just basing the assumption on the average seven-year-old.)
Make sure the cats are kid-friendly and get along with cats - a sibling pair would be excellent, if you can find one!
Enjoy being a cat-mom!
Grown cats would be easier at the time,but kittens are easier in the long run because you train them to your ideal cat.
Well, if you could get a pair of grown cats that are friends with each other, that'd be cool.
Even if they aren't true buddies, getting them at the same time would discourage any aggression, since they'd both
be trying to get used to new surroundings.
Kittens are wonderful and lots of fun. However- kittens tend to eat competitively (canned food)for a while (6 months old or so) which causes loose stinky poop.
Also, there are first shots, given in a series of three over a 3-4 month period, plus rabies at 4 months.
Spay or neuter by 4-5 months.
They are into and all over everything, and require a sharp and attentive eye. You have to think ahead to what they could get up to, and remove the dangers %26 temptations.
Older cats will be just as loving. Be sure you have 2 (or 3)
litterboxes, each in different places and not too near where they eat.
Leave dry food and fresh water for them all the time, and split a 3 oz. can of wet food 2x a day. They don't need a whole can.
An older cat will already be spayed or neutered, and will get so sweet! Get cat fancy magazine for your kid, too. She can learn stuff about them.
Hopefully you're adopting from your local shelter or rescue.A great cat toy is the Cat Dancer it's 4.oo and you can get it online. Even older cats can't resist it.
Good Luck!

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