Thursday, July 30, 2009


i have this lovely 5 month old kitty but i rescued her from the humane society (no kill dont worry) and nobody not even the vet seems to know her breed, its kinda a matter of intrest for me and it would help me register her insurance easier..
a friend of mine hinted that she may be a Desert Lynx Cat but he doesnt know for sure, if anybody can lemme know can maybe link me to a site or some pictures, u rock
Pictures.of her, u may wanna check them all.
Thanks soo much
First of all she is absolutely adorable! To me she looks half Abyssinian/Domestic Short hair Tabby. I use to show cats and have been to many cat shows and that's what she looks like to me. If that's what she is I bet it will take you minutes to teach her to fetch. Just take a crumbled piece of paper and toss it. She should run after it and brings it back for more.Cats are so much fun to train. No matter what her breed just have years of enjoyment with her. Thanks for getting a rescue! All the best;^)
It looks like a dsh tabby. IO guess it could have some Bengal in it though doubtful.
She looks like a lynx and tabby mix but I have been wrong before!
Looks like a typical, common, domestic short hair tabby.
Nothin' special there, sorry.
it's no breed its an alley cat. i think it is referred to as a tortoise shell
she kinda looks like a mixture of my domestic-short haired calico baby and my bengal baby.
She's just a domestic short hair (fancy term for a mutt cat with short hair). She's a brown tabby which is just mainly describing her color and stripe pattern.she's cute though!
She's a very sweet,but ordinary ,brown mackerel tabby.It was nice of you to adopt her.
She's an adorable tabby. Too cute.
she's just a mix. she looks just like my kitty when mine was a kitten except with short fur. she's cute!
Aww, she's so sweet and cute. I really don't think she's a desert lynx. They have bigger, pointier ears than normal cats. She is a tabby cat; she's probably a mixed breed. But just because she's probably not some rare breed/pure breed, that doesn't make her any less special. In fact, mixed breed cats have better personalities. They don't have the health issues that pure bred cats have. For example, I love Persians, but they have eye trouble and breathing trouble because of their pushed in little faces. All the cats that I have owned in my life have been mixed breed cats. They're wonderful!
No does have cute ears though ^ ^...
You might have to wait until it gets to its full size to be completely sure..and most cats in humane societys are usually mixed...
I dont think someone who payed money for a purebred will give their kitty away X X..
Anyways, good luck!
I've had a look at some pictures and your cat matches quite well with the Bengal.
Bengals are friendly, loving, intelligent and inquisitive. Bengals also loves playing with water.
If these traits fits then it is most likely a Bengal.
Your cat is extremely cute and I do hope you find out the breed!
I vote for tabby kitten. Her large ears look as if she could be Abyssinian cross. Or you could have something really precious, like a Maine Coon. They don't develop their luxurious coats for at least 18 months, and their ears are larger than the average cat's. MCs run to black and brown colors. In fact, brown is one of the main colors to look for in a Maine Coon.

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