Friday, July 31, 2009

What would cause my 1yr old cat to start peeing on my bed?

She only does this when I am in it. On Saturday, I had a b-day party for my son. My cat peed on my bed that night and on Sunday night. Could she be mad at me for this?
She was probably stressed out and the party guests made her too afraid to use her usual litterbox. She might also have a bladder infection. Check with your vet.
He maybe mad, but more likely marking his territory. Is he neutered? If not neutering should stop it.
Cats are territorial. She could be trying to mark "her" territory. Has she been spayed? She is the right age for that. It may help.
Maybe there is something in his litter box that he doesn't like. Clean it everyday.
Was your cat "neglected" during the party? She is probably mad at you. I had a cat do that to me when i accidently closed the door to where the litter box was. Instead of waking me up...she climbed on the couch and peed on me.
could be mad at you, attention needed to the cat,loving it as much as possible.Best of luck..
Yep, she really didn't have fun at the party. If you find the smell hard to get out, wash bedding then wash it again using white vineager instead of soap.
NO she loves you
If you don't have many people over at your house a lot, your cat may very well be angry with you for bringing so many strangers in at once.
She may also have tooth decay. My own cat started the same thing for this reason.
Or she may be angry at you for some other reason. If you just moved or something that would be very stressful to an animal she may be freaking out about that.
That would be the extent of my knowledge. If she continues, I would do a bit of research to see what you can do about it.
First off, make sure the litter box is immaculate. Have you switched litter brand lately? There could be numerous reasons for this.
It might b that she was stressed out by all the people and activity in the house for the party. Because she did it there once, even if I imagine you changed the sheets and blankets, cats can still detect the odor and will continue to mark that spot. I would recommend washing everything the urine contacted in an enzymatic cleaner specially made to neutralize urine odors. You may have to keep her out of the bedroom from now on.
The other reason and more serious one would be that she may have a bladder or kidney infection. Cats can't talk and this is the biggest way they have to "tell" us that something is amiss. It gets their point across completely.
Keep an eye on her the next time she heads for the box. Not too closely or she may not go. Listen to see if she makes any noise or seems to be straining to go. If she tries numerous times to go but doesn't produce much or any urine she may have kidney stones or crystals. Check the box after she exits to make sure there are no traces of blood in the urine or stool.
If you ban her from the bedroom and she messes somewhere else, I would take her to the vet asap. Cats are very clean and won't normally go outside the box without a cause.
The final reason would be if she is not spayed and there is another unfixed cat inside or outside the house. Cats are very territorial and get upset if their territory is invaded. Males spray by backing up to something and excreteing a stream of highly concentrated urine. Females also mark but usually by urinating on objects in the same manner as they would to use the box.
So, think about your home. Has there been any changes such as a new person or animal, a change in litter or the location of the box, more chaos and activity going on, anything that might upset up the cat's routine?
If you can think of anything, I would reommend putting it back to normal if at all possible.
If you can't or even if you can, I woud recommend a trip to the vet to rule out any underlying health problems or an infection.
I hope this helps. Good Luck!
Is your female cat spayed? Are you married or single? I had a female cat that was spayed and she was the jealous type. We spent $1,700.00 on a new mattress and boxspring and she just loved my husband to no end but, he made a comment on if she peed on that mattress I would have to get rid of her or have her put down. She expected attention from him when he or my son came home from work or being on a road trip. Son went camping, didn't pay attention to her, she peed on his stuff in the laudry room, husband did overtime, didn't pay attention to her, peed on his work clothes, husband went on road trip, came home didn't pay attention to her and she peed on that expensive mattress--on his side of the bed. It all has to do with attention.
When they paid the attention to her whether she wanted it or not, it never happened again.
sounds like she mad at you
She needs to go to the vet and get checked for a bladder infection. That will cause them to go where they shouldn't. If she isn't spayed do so- as unaltered cats are known for peeing where they shouldn't.
sounds like she may be mad at you , but cats like to mark there territory , having her fixed will also help
I doubt it, my boyfrend's cats... yes plural. all go out of their ways to pee on clothes, beds, couches, etc.

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