Friday, July 31, 2009

What will happen if you don't get your cat shots?

If your cat is an inside cat, likely nothing. Though I would recommend the kitten shots to be safe, you can get those from a store and give htem yourself at a cheaper rate, or go to petco. However, vets overdo shots so I would not keep getting then every year, some cats get cancer from overvaccination. If your cat is an outside cat, with all the irresponsible people who don't spay and neuter, there is a high chance your kitty could get an illness, possibly a fatal one. PS, here in Arizona rabies shots are not required, and I dont give them to my cats. Find out what is prevalent in your area, and keep your kitty inside.
Nothing, except in most locations a rabies shot is madatory by law.
Shots are pretty over rated for indoor cats in my opinion
Where I live The Rabie shot is not required. You may want to check with the Humane Society. My cat has not got her shots for awhile and she is just fine and I am not near other cats to spread the germs around to her or she is not outside to get all the Diseases that other cats spread. There are two different kinds of Rabie Shots and one of them can cause cancer. I was told by my cats Vet up North. I had to sign papers about it and it said that on the papers.
My indoor cat is 13 years old and is as healthy as a horse. The only shot she gets is rabies because it's the law. So, nothing will happen if your cat stays inside all of the time.
You are risking their health. Shots are to prevent common diseases that are preventable. How much money do you want to spend on your beloved pet when they get that disease? It's a lot more expensive to treat them later, than it is get them the shots now. How fair is it to your animal to allow them to get ill when you could have prevented it? If you don't care about that, then you don't deserve to have pets. Do you just throw gold fish you don't want down the toilet? No? Then get the shots, and show your cat how much you care for him or her. And give yourself a big hug when you do.
The FeLV vaccination is for Feline Leukemia, which if your cat goes outside or has any opportunity (a screened in porch they sit on) to come into contact with outside cats you should consider because its easily spread.
Rabies vaccines you can get 1 yr or 3 yr ones. Usually you start on the 1 yr and then you can get the 3 yr if you come back on time. its obvious that you will want the rabies vaccine, because that's something your cat can get and in turn give to you.
Feline Distemper is something you want to keep up with also.
But really. if you are that worried, talk to a few veterinarians and get their professional opinions.
Well if they are indoor only cats, nothing will happen. By law in most places, it is required by law for them to have a Rabies shot. If you are debating on getting your cat it's shots you might want to check out the book "Stop The Shots! Are Vaccines Killing Our Pets" by John Clifton. It is available at Barnes and Noble.

Additional info: The person before me said that FeLV is easily spread. That is wrong and I know it for a fact. I had a cat named Star that was born with FeLV and I have another cat that was NEVER vaccinated for FeLV and he never caught it from her. By this book, it is only $8.95 and it will tell you all of the pro's and con's of vaccines. Some of these vaccines can actually cause things such as cancer.
Your cat could accidentally get out, this happens all the time, then it could be exposed to the diseases that the immunizations protect against.
your cat will get sick and can catch all kinds of terrible diseases and suffer and die from them !! plus you depends weree you live, you can get fined for not having its shots up dated !! like the rabies shot !! If you care for an animal then your responsible to get its shots for it and take care of it ! If not find it a home were someone WILL take care of it !!

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