Friday, July 31, 2009

What would you do if your cat died after being spayed and the autopsy report states it was the vet's fault?

I had my cat spayed and brought her home. She died later that evening. An autopsy was done and I was told that the reason she died was because of the vet's human error and she bled to death. I paid for surgery, only to have the cat die. What would you do?
i would confront the veterinary practice with the evidence, so that they are aware of what happened and also that they can refund your costs and also for you to get the apology you sincerely deserve.
I can only offer my thoughts but please remember that although they are at fault the vet is only human and sometimes accidents do happen, as sad as it is.
Speak to the vet and confront her/him with this autopsy report.
If this is really what happened, the vet needs to know so that it does not happen again to another pet.
sue the vet for your losses. i'm sorry to hear that, it would have desestated me if it had happened to mine.
Talk to the vet. He owes you money, and for the lost of your beloved pet.
It's an operation, you signed a waiver that states that your cat might die. Cats are personal property so if you do try to sue, which I am guessing you would lose, all you would get is the price you paid for the cat. I'm sure you didn't pay much for the cat if anything. Now you just wasted money on an autopsy for what?
Its strange the the Vet let you take your cat home the same day it had its surgery. Most places you have to leave them overnight. I am sorry that your cat died and the fact that she bled to death means that it most lilkely would have happen had she been at home or at the Vets. You have to keep in mind though that mistakes do happen and just because you have a degree doesn't make you an exception. I would move on and don't waste too much time being angry.
if it was the vets fault and not because of a complication from teh surgery than I would confront the vet and see what he say's about it. Hopefully he will learn something, give you your money for the surgery and the original cost of the cat. If not you can always talk to a lawyer and see what they believe is the best way to handle it. I would most definately have a talk with the vet.
I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
Here is a place that works with this type of thing
You can write her here and maybe she can help. Tell her Ken and sneakers sent you
i would at least make them give me my money back. bleeding to death after surgery is definitely human error. if that vet doesn't know what they are doing then they shouldn't be practicing. you might also find out how to report them to your states licensing bureau so that they have a record of it too. if they get enough complaints, they could possibly pull his license. I am sorry for your loss. time is the only healer

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