Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a good website to see diffrent hair styles for cats?

I have a persian and need to know how to groom it?
BTW a letter opener like this does a good job of breaking up matts.
Be sure to groom daily for less hassle to prevent skin irriation and infection.
You're talking about a cat, not a poodle. You don't give cats hair styles. You brush them and admire them and leave them the way God made them.
Cats don't have hairstyles.
You have to brush it daily so its coat doesn't get knotty. If it does then the cat might choke on the hairball while trying to groom itself. Also make sure s/he has that cat grass to eat around the house--it helps cats regurgitate the hair they inadvertently swallow.
Get a brush with hard bristles on one side and soft on the other. That is all you need.
what kind of hairstyles like if there thick thin medium black blu? or like bows and barrettes
CAT hairstyles?

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