Thursday, July 30, 2009

What si your favorite kind of cat?

mine is a bombay and a maine coon
I have a Maine Coon too! And I just think they're the most beautiful creatures ever to walk the earth (a little exaggeration there, but you know what I mean)! Awww..I'm melting.
I never imagined that I would own one, but I came upon Elvis at a shelter where the handsome boy didn't belong. We saved this beautiful animal from euthenasia. And then the vet said," You have a beautiful Maine Coon."
I was flabbergasted. And joyous. Beyond description.
I know I'm exaggerating a ton here, but when it comes to cats, I just get all poetic and teary eyed. I know...kind of strange, but we passionate cat owners understand.
In all honesty I love all cats! It's quite hard to choose just one or two, because each feline has such unique qualities. Though, I will admit I've always been very fond of Turkish Vans and Maine Coons.
the dead kind
OHHHHH IM A HUGE CAT LOVER BUT I ALSO LOVE ALL ANIMALS BUT CATS ARE MY FAV!!!! i think the bald ones are cute because they are so ugly there cute lol and i like tabby cats espeicaily alley cats!! oh and i love the siemesie cats
my favorite cat is a persian and a calico
Mine is a Heinz 57 --- just a loving mixed breed. The best cat I ever had was a mixture -- pure white dad and calico mom. She looked like a Long Haired Siamese - white with grey/brown 'puffs' on her ears/nose/tail/etc. She would follow me and meow "mommom" - just like a Siamese chattering - my kids swore she was saying 'mom' in cat.
Rex! Even though they don't really act "cat-ish", sometimes being a teddybear, dog, monkey, or just simply chatting away all day long :D
I really like cornish rexes.
many people say they're ugly.but I think that they're so cute!
They're fur is so soft and wavy...and they're faces are really cute looking and they are also fun to play with
I also like tuxedo cats because they are also very fun to play with and I have one...
Tuxedo cats are black and white and they have short fur and they are very energetic...atleast mine is
All cats are wonderful. Not long ago I had a DMH and a Tonkinese. I was so totally in love with my Tonk that when it was time to get a third cat, as hard as I tried to get something else that I didn't already have, I had to get another Tonk. They are just awesome cats.
ii d0n`t realli like cat`s but ii will have t0 say tiger :)
The Ragdoll.
So plushy.
So sweet.
ALL of them. I am a big cat lover!!!
I have a dilute calico before that a silver tabby who lived to
be 20yrs. All have different personalities and I love them for
who they are.

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