Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a good collar brand for pets?

i have a kitty and hes old enough now to start wearing a collar although im not really sure whats a nice brand for him to have ..i feel like all the ones i see at petco or petsmart are cheap looking with funny graphics or fluorescent colors (my cat is black and white)..also online doesnt really help ..its too confusing with every site looking the same.
whats a REALLY nice brand i was even looking at the burberry ones but i feel like thats doesnt match my kitty sorry to sound so picky but i truly want only the best for my cat.. like is there a crazy ones that celebs give their pets?...picking the food took a while too lol
i just love my new baby :]
The ebay link below is to the best cat/kitten collars in the world. There is lots of variety, all the collars have break away clasps, and they are comfortable for kitty. They are also machine washable.
The bad news is that right now she isn't selling anything. I'd check back in a week or so. Her stuff is absolutely worth it. I've bought about 5 collars from her and I'm looking to purchase some more.
The other link shows one of my kittens with two different collars by Cheryloq so you can see what they are like.
Make sure its a breakaway collar, its a common safety item for cats. They unclip if kitty gets hung up or caught by her collar. Breakaway collars protect your cat when you let her outside or inside. They also give you a little peace of mind for times when she bolts out of an open door before you can stop her. However, breakaway collars should not be used with leads.

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