Friday, July 31, 2009

What's the best way to find kittens after the mother took them somewhere else?

Tried a couple of ways to follow none seem to work.
follow the mother cat around until you find them. Try listening for the meows. Good luck!
Why do you want to find them? If the mother cat has removed her kittens somewhere, it's because she wants to keep them away and safe in her care. They will come out when they are ready. Otherwise, I guess all you can do is follow her!
Have some one keep an eye out for her, eventually you'll see her coming or going, she doesn't stay away form them long.
You are going to have to watch the mother, borrow binoculars and follow her with them from a distance you should be able to find the location that way and then narrow it down from there and get some friends to help you as well more eyes and a differerent scent may put the mother at ease. Good luck and I hope you find them and help them all. God bless you.

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