Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Should I do With My Cats?

Okay, recently my dad has been a pain in the *** when it comes to cats. Now, all of a sudden, he wants me to find the cats a different place because he does not want them anymore which sucks since he gave them to me as a present two years ago. I have two options: either return them to where they were adopted or put them in my grandmother's house. The thing about my grandmother's house is that 1) My cats have been indoor cats since I had so I am worried if they can adapt and 2) There are other cats over there and dogs but they get along but I don't know if my cats will. I want to keep them but I have to wait to years to leave my dad's place and a lot can happen to them in two years. What should I do?
Try to rehome them to an indoor only environment. It sounds like a real cultural shock to sudden place them in a strange environment and outside and DOGS to boot. If that is what you choose then you can't just drive to grandma's and set them outside. You will need to spend some time at your grandmother's and visit them daily to reassure them that all is okay for at least a week, longer is better.
Perhaps run an ad in the newspaper or put announcements on the social boards found at supermarkets and places like Wal-mar so you can find them another indoor home.
Why not find out the reason that you Dad wants to give them the boot? Maybe you can work it out to everyone's satisfaction. Maybe keeping them in only certain parts of the house
You should find out how you can improve your responsibility in handling the cats so you can keep them...
If cats are living in company of other cats they have developed some "social skills" with other cats.
You have two, so they would most likely mix with other cats or find a way to somewhat get along.
The dogs might be tricky, but I rather try that than giving them back - you dont know where they would end up, they might even get seperated - dont do that to them!
Try again to talk to your father about your cats. Ask him what his objections are and listen to him. Do you keep their litter box very clean? Provide them with water and food? Take your cats to your grandmother if you can't work out a compromise with your Father.
If you have taken good care of your cats and your Father stays unreasonable, the day will come when he may need you to take care of something for him, you can remind him, how he hurt you by his uncaring actions against your pets. Remember there is KARMA
it will come back to him eventually. Good Luck.
DO NOT GIVE THEM TO PLACE WHERE U GOT THEM!! They may end up putting them down!! If u have done everything u can to keep them, then try ur grandmother, i have a cat, ( seven years this december ) who is lemme tell u, the most bi-polar cat ever!! Sumhow we ended up w/ 4 more cats and dog and he adapted. he is pretty unhappy @ times, but he gets over it. if ur cats dont adapt @ ur g-mas, then they'll pretty much keep to themselves. But, they won't be put out on the streets or worse, die. And, u can always visit ur g-ma, i kno that the departing is still sad, trust me, i know, but u''ll move on, and 1nce u move outa ur dads place, they will most likely have adapted and so will u. If u still miss them, then take them back. But remember, just because you havent adapted to being without them, doesnt mean they have too! So if u decide to take them back 1ce theyre gone, remember, u might be takin them away from animals that they might really like. Hope i helped, it's hard going thru sumthing like this.

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