Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a good litter?

What's the best litter to get? I have two kittens. The first time I bought scoopable litter, which was nice, but it didn't control the odor well at all. The second time I accidentally got an odor control kind, but it wasn't scoopable. Which is the best kind to get that combines scoopable with odor control?
There is no litter that is going to be 100% effective in controlling odor. Contrary to claims made by several brands, it just doesn't happen. A better way to control the odor is to change what you're feeding your cats. I've found that cats fed IAMS have less stinky litterboxes than cats fed other premium foods. If you doubt it, conduct your own test. Feed your kittens any advertised brand. Note the level of stink. Then feed your kittens IAMS and within 24 hours, the litterbox will be less stinky. For litter, I like Tidy Cats for Multiple cats, scoopable, and I scoop daily. The small grains of litter are easier on the kittens' delicate little paws so they like it better.
I presently have 5 cats in my house and if you walked in my door you wouldn't know I had cats until you saw them. The cats are healthy, active, and have beautiful shiny fur. If you would like to use a deodorizer, I recommend "X-O", which can also be used for cleaning.
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My mother uses Fresh Step. I'm pretty sure it's scoopable and oderless, seeing as she scoops it all the time [and used to make me do it...grumble..] and my bathroom didnt really stink throughout my youth. I mean, unless my dad was home, but thats another story...
Heh...good luck with your kittens, they can be a handful :]
A very good cat litter is Arm and Hammer flushable cat litter. It controls odors very well, is flushable and is scoopable. Another good one is Arm and Hammer Scoopable!
the world's best cat litter is made from corn, clumps, and is good against odor
Scoopable litters can be dangerous for kittens as they tend to want to taste everything in their environment - and scoopable litter combined with moisture would turn to cement in a kittens stomach.
What I use for my three cats AND my ferrets is wood stove pellets - they're AWESOME and SOOOO cheap! I buy a 40lb bag at my local grocery store for $4.99!! I also recently discovered that my local Lowes has started carrying them - $3.99 for a 40lb bag! :-0!! They're exactly the same product as the commercial pine cat litters like "Feline Pine" - but for about an EIGHTH of the price! They totally absorb the urine and eliminate all odor. When the pellets have all broken down to sawdust (about a week with three cats using two boxes) I dump the boxes and the sawdust dumps out dry - nothing clinging to the sides.
FYI - NOTHING eliminates cat poop odor - you need to scoop that out daily. Also, all the local cat shelters and ferrets shelters around here (WA) use the wood stove pellets - nothing beats them!
Tidy cat crumble free cat litter for multiple cats. I use that for my cat and I only have one cat and it holds back the smell and I also scoop it out 2 times a day and it does not smell.
I use Fresh Step Scoopable Litter. I also have a covered litter box (my cat otherwise sprayed the wall when using the litter box), and this also helps with the smell. If you scoop it frequently the litter can last up to a month without becoming smelly.

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