Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do about a screaming burmese kitten?

We have a gorgeous burmese kitten who is seriously food obsessed. He has a scream-like meow every time the fridge door opens and also takes it upon himself to launch himself upon us, using his claws to climb his way up our pants / bare skin (ouch!) We are feeding him twice a day, but should we give in and feed him more..
Water gun/spray!
It's worked on all my cats %26 my friends cats. Try it. I've had another poster say it didn't work on her cat and her cat actually enjoyed it! I know 1 other cat who did and we stuck the spray bottle in the fridge. :-D worked like a charm.
try to teach the kitten self-restrain,and always give his meals only at a fixed time.Put the kitten inside a cage for a week with the proper feeding timetable and let the kitten free for 3 hours everyday to let him exercise.After a week or so try to release him and see how things go from there.
When your kitten screams or claws you, put it outside for 10 minutes or longer or until it calms down, then let it back in.It may take a few days for your kitten to get the message about unwanted behaviour. The scream may soften on maturity, hopefully.It could just be his "give me food" miaow, and uses a different miaow e.g when he wants to go outside?He is communicating with you in his own way.The "clawing your legs" routine should stop as he matures, but in the meantime, put him outside immediately he does it. Kittens under 6 months may need small feeds three times a day, then reduce it to two feeds.
How old is this kitten? Kittens need feeding more than twice a day - four times is more usual unless you give ad lib dry food?
If the kitten is starving I'm not surprised by this behaviour.

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