Friday, July 31, 2009

What would you do?

ok so my fiance and I got a new place they do allow pets so there are dogs and cats and anyways we got it last friday so we were cleaning up a bit getting a head start my mom came to look at the place and a cat shows up really affectionate was rubbing againts my leg and my fiances and my moms and it doesnt even know us is there something wrong with it i mean it was like stalking us we went inside 15 mins later went back outside ready to go and the cat was still there my fiance and i were petting him very very affectionate it wouldnt leave it just sat by our door.we thought about keeping him but we dont know who he belongs to and if would be wrong if we did that.since we dont know if hes had his shots or if he is sick or anything.i have a dog and a bird which i wouldnt want to put them at risk of getting sick because of the cat.if he is still there this week when we go what should we do?do we leave it alone or what because i really feel bad just want an opinion what would you do?
You can also make it a bed in your frontyard with food and water
Maybe you can take it to the local vet to be checked for a microchip? I take it there's no tag, btu you may want to check with local vets and the pounds around to the area to see if there have been any cats reported missing.
Leave some food out for the poor thing, and if it's still hanging around near dinnertime, or looks underfed, maybe put out a little bit of tinned tuna for it?
good luck!
Totally agree - leave the poor thing some food %26 water! But I'd not take it into your home if you have other pets. Put up a sign around your new place or knock on some doors in the area or even ask your new apartment manager (if this is an apartment) about the cat, you might get ownership answers that way.
Some people will just leave behind pets when they move. I adopted a kitty that way. Sadly I had to leave her when I moved too because she didn't want to go! But she was the same way, sweet, adorable, loving like crazy, and she had a weird non-meow, too. I just put out a waterproof box for her in the winter, put out a handful of food every day, and she was fine for over a year until we had to move.
You could always put a collar on him with a tag that says "call this # if I'm yours so I'm not accidentally adopted" ;-)
Unfortunately, if it were me, I'd leave the baby outside, and just put out food and water and give her attention when i see him because I already have 5 cats that've wormed their way into my heart %26 home, and the fighting with them is bad enough, I can't add another indoor kitty. =(
Yes by all means take him to a vet and take care of and help him i mean there is no way one can just let him suffer
I had this same thing happen to me for the first couple of days i wouldn't let her in the house i would pet her and stuff but i got worried that something was wrong with her so i took her to the vet for a check up it wasn't very expensive thank god! the vet said she was fine i put an add in the paper no one replyed so i kept her it was the best thing i have ever done she is so sweet and loving and never once had an accident this is the best cat i have ever had! You really should keep the cat!
Maybe you should get in contact with the people that used to live there. the cat could be thers and its come 'home' or accidently been left behind. or it could be a neighbours cat ofcourse. lots of cats are affectionate it doesnt mean its stalking you. you should just ask your neighbours or the previous residents, otherwise take it to get the microchip checked its sure to have one.
Ask around before making any decisions. Perhaps your neighbours know this cat as well. Sounds like he is owned by someone as you said he was really affectionate. Cats do tend to wander around alot so he probably knows where his home his. If you leave food out the cat will be at your house all the time so make sure this is what you want. Look at his general condition, does he appear well fed, what sort of condition is his coat in. If he looks fine then he probably belongs to someone. If not then i'm guessing he's homeless.
take it to a local vet to check for a chip, keep it for now to keep it safe from other things, and put up signs saying for cat, and describe it. put your contact info at the bottom! give it water not milk, you dont need to keep inside, just keep taking care of it! hope that helps!
I would ask around to see if the cat belongs to someone. But it is highly likely that someone that moved simply abandoned their pet. (That happens a great deal around colleges.) In most places, from a legal standpoint, once the pet leaves your property, it is fair game. I would put out food if you think you would like to adopt it. Once you make the decision, then take the cat to a vet to have it checked. It could have a chip. Or he could have a problem, and need some medical care, such as fleas, worms, ear mites, or other things. You do not want to welcome any pet into your home that might bring something adverse to your other pets.

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