Friday, July 31, 2009

What would you think if your veterinarian accidentally declawed your outdoor cat?

Ummm, this is unlikely.
Declawing is a surgery that requires paperwork, anesthesia release forms, and usually a signed estimate explaining what you are being charged for. A vet will usually ask for a deposit of at least half before doing the actual surgery.
So I'm sorry, but I think you are full of shtt. There is no way a vet could preform such a drastic surgery on your cat by accident.
i would filp out and never go to that vet again. and he would now be an indoor cat
The cat would need to become an indoor cat, or a watched outdoor cat. A cat without claws can't defend itself. You could also contact your state's Humane Society and find out how this vet can be held responsible for his actions. It's serious because now your cat's life is going to be totally changed.
i'd think that the vet would be a freaking retard and needs to get a life that doesn't involve intereaction with animals, or involving declawing of cats...
*have a good day!
Id think he was an idiot but whats done is done. I don't know if you can report him to any association.
Never go back to him again and keep your kitty inside.
It can't defend itself outside any longer and it can live out a healthy happy life just as well inside as out.
Change vets. Hope he didn't charge you!
P.S. As long as your cat still has his/her back claws and teeth, he can still protect himself.
I would be furious. Declawing is the equivalent of torture. They amputate the first joint of their toes. How does a vet accidentally perform surgery and a lengthy one at that! Your cat should definately be an indoor cat from now on since it has no claws to defend itself. You also need to find a new vet. Would a doctor be able to get away with saying I accidentally removed your leg?
How could they accidentally declaw? Was the cat in for a check up and got declawed instead? I would be upset. The poor cat wouldn't really be able to live outside any longer.
I WOULD BE PISSED !!!?! do you know declawing is illegal in some places ( england , australia , aisa and some other places ! its so painful to the cat there is no way it was an accident ask him how the hell did he do that !? thats a sin poor thing withh probaly die cats are born with claws for a reason ! to protect them selves now he probaly cant even climb a tree when a dog attacks so hes probaly gonna die if he incounters a larg unfriendly dog !! :( :( well i over ecagerated sorry but if a dog does attack he will probaly die !!
I mean no disrespect towards you, but I believe that NO pet cat should be an outdoor cat. Any cat coming into the house from outside could be bringing in any number of undesirable orginisms. Also, a cat can only be so smart. They are not as smart as even the youngest child. A pet owner has the responsibility to keep the animal safe from harm and I'd never deliberately expose my cat to the outdoors, especially on the loose. I see too many dead cats on the roads and I always curse the owner who lets his (supposedly beloved) pet run around loose.
De-clawing is barbaric and its unwise to let your cat go out doors. I hope your kitty has be altered? I would contact the vet and ask how he/she is going to make this horrible mistake up to you and your kitty. Maybe you could suggest free spay/neutering for some cats.
That is unreal : o There are online places where you can complain about services you received...I would at least do that and see if there is a form of Better Business Bureau that you could report him to. I would wish there could be a lawyer you could hire to get you out of the bill, but I would definitely not go back if possible.
On the positive side, my sister has an indoor/outdoor elderly male cat that can still climb trees and hold his own despite the fact that he was declawed when they got him. You may want to babysit kitty initially, but it isn't hopeless : )
I would take the vet to court. An "accidental surgery" is hugely negligent and I'd be furious at the vet for maiming my cat.
Yes it would bother me at first but I would get over it.
I don't believe that this is a real question. I don't think any vet would be that stupid.
If you didn't schedule any major surgery I'd consider this something reportable. If they're mixing up kenneled cats I can't imagine what the OTHER one got that was scheduled for the declaw surgery.
Report the vet, don't pay the bill they hand you for it (if they did legit things, pay those but not the declawing or anesthetic charges), get a full copy of your vet records on all animals and change vets.

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