Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do with a new kitten born with a leg deformity?

My cat had a litter of 5 kittens, they are now 4 days old, 2 died after days. I just noticed one of the remaining has a leg deformity. One of the hind quarters is overisized at the top, with the remaining part of the bottom leg completely flat and dangling. It appears the mother is might be trying to chew off the bottom portion. Would a kitten this young even be strong enough to survive the amputation of the bottom portion if I took it to the vet?
Take the kitten and mother to the vet - the should be able to quiet easily ampute the leg %26 cats adapt to having a missing limb rather well
I agree, I had a cat born once with no bone in one of its legs, the vet can do wonders.
yes. The vet may make you wait a few weeks or months to do the surgery but as long as they aren't too old, they will learn to get by just fine. My friend had 3 surgeries on a cat's leg and the pins kept mysteriously breaking so they had to amputate the leg and this cat was about 2 years old and is doing just fine as an indoor/outdoor cat.
take him/her to the vet! He/she will probably have to live like that for the rest of his/her life.
yeap i agree take them to the vet they will let you know but being so young the kitten will adapt to it for sure good luck should def get your veterinarians opinion on this..but i will tell you i work for a vet and we have amputated a dogs leg and a cats leg once and they both are doing wonderful now... believe it or not they learn to adapt very quickly! Good luck Hun!
You should really take it to a vet and get it checked out.

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