Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should i do!?

weel me and my parents were driving down the road when a guy hit a kitten. the dude did not even stop.soo i got out and picked the kitten up. luckly the kitten did not have any broken bones the only thing with her is there is a gash on her right hindleg> she is no ny pet. she was hit 2 days ago should i take her to the vet or not?
Has she been able to walk around without any problem? Have you noticed any other problems that she's had? I'm surprised that she lived through it anyway, but she could have internal injuries and really should have been taken to the vet immediately.
However, if you've gone 2 days without having her checked out and she's eating and drinking and moving around okay, then it could be she was just really lucky.
Are you sure she's not your pet now? If you can't keep her, please find her a good home! Don't just leave her out there to possibly get hit again!
yes because it could have become infected
The vet will probably put her on antibiotics. you should take her to the vet, just to make sure everything is really okay. i doubt they will give her stitches since it was two days ago. Do you have any low cost clinics near you? Maybe you can arrange some sort of payment plan with the vet if you dont. I just dont think going without medical attention will end up helping her in the long run. But Thank You for saving the kitten to begin with, most people just keep driving.
Yes you should, if you do not plain to keep her turn her in the an spca, she will molst likely find a good home exspecily because shes a kitten, they sell kittens pretty fast
of course and also i hope u keep her and provide a loving home
of course just to get her checked out th see if its not worse then how it seems
Definetly take her to the veterinarian. They could make sure that the injury doesn't get infected. They can also make sure that there is nothing else wrong with the cat just in case you missed something or there is something there not visible or something that you cannot feel.
It is wise to have the kitten checked by a vet.The kitten could have innternal injuries or the Gash can get infected.Also in some states it is a crime to hit a pet same as hitting a child if you got the licenseplate number you can file a report.
YES! Of course, no injured animal, regardless of whether you own it, should be abandoned in a time of need. We all need to work together and help eachother. If you found a baby that got hit by a car, you would take it to the hospital. You need to bring it to the vet at soon as possible. It could develop an infection of have broken bones that you can't notice.
yes of course if u like it then u also put it as ur pet it dosent matter it is ur or not
Yes you should. I am glad you stopped to pick up the kitten. Some vets will offer a discounted price if you found the animal injured. The kitten may develop an infestion.

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