Friday, July 31, 2009

What would make a fixed male cat have a red discharge in his urine?

Could be a number of things . A UTI or some other infection . I would take him into the vet and have a him checked out .
Kidney or bladder infection.
Take him to the vet....Now.
He has blood in his urine. He may have crystals in his bladder. Do you notice that he has trouble peeing, or if it seems painful for him to pee? He needs medical attention.
A urninary tract infection would do that. Scoop the litter box daily, complete litter change every 3-4 weeks. Complete litter change weekly if non-scoop.

. and take him to the vet, of course. Shop around if you don't already have one. Make a few phone calls because prices differ greatly.
Sounds like an ifection to me. You need to take him to the vets.
Go To The Vet's- He has a urinary tract problem, it needs vetting.
UTI, bladder infection, crystals, either way the cat needs to see a vet.
Urinary tract infect or kidney stones, bring him to the vet both of those are very very pain full.
If he was just recently fixed it could be from the procedure and that would need to be brought to the vets attention. Otherwise he probably has an infection in his urinary tract somewhere and needs some antibiotics.
It is most likely blood in his urine. It is a strong possibility he has an urinary tract infection or blockage. Get him to the vet and if you could bring a sample in with you it would help. If you catch it soon enough you would just have to give your car some pills and you might have to look at his diet. male cats are very prone to infections. If they eat a lot of dry food high in ash content it causes buildups which cause problems in the long run. My cat is very prone to them. One time it got really bad and he had to spend a few days in the hospital on an iv. Now I know the signs better and bring him right in for meds. I also changed his food to Hills Science Diet Original for dry food. I researched all the brands in the pet store and that was the one with the lowest ash content. Since switching I have not seen any problems for years.
urinary tract infection is my first thought. he might need to be on antibiotic treatments. please take him to a vet.
This is a classic symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI) or a possible problem with crystals in his bladder, due to a higher than normal urine PH. Both are serious problems. The infection can travel into his kidneys, and the crystals can block his urethra( which will cause acute death) Just take him to the Vet and they will run a urinalysis and look for a high PH or bacteria
Urinary tract infection, bladder infection, or kidney infection. Also cancer. Get him in to the vet.
VET - NOW. ! Do not wait another minute!
urinary tract infection probably. But you also must watch that he is urinating normally. Male cats have a tendency to become blocked and unable to urinate,if that does happen you need to get him in ASAP! This can occur quickly and can cause death

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