Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do with my new kitty, crate or bedroom?

I've never own 2 cats in my life but we adopted a 3-4 mo.(?) playmate for my other adopted 8-9 mo (?) who I though was lonely and needed a friend. We kept the little one in a "safe" bedroom the first night and let the older one in the next day who sat in my lap on the bed and watched, They sniff each other for a bit, seemed ok. They interact, chase then play fight. If things get too rough I put the little one in the cat carrier but he's here with us %26 sees us. This getting to know you period was over the weekend %26 it's back to the "safe" bedroom tomorrow for 8 hours while I'm at work. My question is should I get a huge dog crate and put him in it with water/food, litter pan, toys, etc. and put it in the living room where he can see my other cat and the rest of the house or should I keep him in the bedroom and let him cry all day until I get home from work because he is all by himself. ps. he spent two weeks in Petsmart with 5 other kittens before I got him %26 he was also fostered.
i would put keep the kitty i the bedroom if it seemed okay.
good luck!
help me with my question please!
Using the crate would probably help them to adapt to each other more quickly! Don't feel bad though if you decide its not worth the expense, the kitten will get used to spending the day in the bedroom very quickly.

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