Thursday, July 30, 2009

What smells (or sounds?) will repel a cat so it will stay out of a general area or a room?

There are sprays, you can buy at a pet store called Cat Repellent, you spray the area that you don't want the cat to go and it'll stay away. I have used it on the arms of my couch so my cat wouldn't scratch and it really worked quite well. These spray may have different names, depending on the company they come from, but they work well. You can also ask a pet shop owner, they should know these things, hope this helps you, Good luck.
Cats hate peels will do the trick. AND.they hate the feeing of aluminum foil on the pads of their paws. Not sure how you'd work that though...
They hate hearing coins rattling in a metal container!
The only way you can keep a cat out of a room is to shut the door. As far as keeping a cat out of an area, if you put the dog there it might work -- but other than that, the cat will do as you demand only while you're there. When you're gone, the cat does as he pleases. So if you put the cat away in a room while you're gone or while you're asleep there are fewer hours for the cat to make mischief. I don't believe there is any spray repellent you'd want to use inside your home. Most of them are so nasty they repel anything with a sense of smell. However, there are new things being invented every day, so do some searches on the web to see what you find. Good luck.
garlic definitely works.
Small cactus, water bottles, and a dog.( kidding).
Cats will be cats, and will do what they wish.
That is why I love them :)
I tried the cactus to keep them off of certain things and it didnt faze them a bit, but the water bottle works.
They even recognize it when they see it and beat feet.
But they always go back to see what it is they arent supposed to be doing.
To the Pastor~ I heard that aluminum foil trick and tried it, and it is now the baby cats fav thing to play with.
It works better with dogs.
Good luck
Keep the door shut to the room. Unless you are actually willing to chase a cat around your house to punish it each and every time there's nothing you can do. Even offensive scents and sounds will only work until the cat figures out there is no actual threat associated with it.
Even worse: When you aren't there all rules go down the drain. Cats are smart enough to realize that when you aren't there they can get into all those places you won't let them. It is in their nature to need to be completely aware of their surroundings. They will find ways around it.
If you don't want them in some part of your home you can't close off then you probably shouldn't have a cat. Even dogs can't be that well trained.
If you want to keep the cat then cat-proof the room AND accept damages. Scratching posts do make a difference unless you have wicker furniture (my 2 cats LOVE our screened in porch for this reason). Neutering and spaying really does make a difference in peeing problems. Other than that it's pretty much all fair game to a cat. Even if only when you're not looking.
Moth balls! They also work great out in the yard to keep them from digging in the flower beds or using them for a litter box.
Try putting food that's really filled with salt and Chili in that area for at least a week so when it eats it it would not come back........ don't mean leave it there for a week..replace it everyday...afterwards spray something to get rid of the food stench....if the area requires it..:)
i can't remember the name of it but it is suppose to keep cats from urinating on stuff, marking their territory, it is citrus based. someone at a pet store can tell you what it is.
citrus fruit is humane way

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