Thursday, July 30, 2009

What treats are best for kittens?

I have my first kitten. I've never had any experience owning or taking care of cats before so I'm not even sure where to start. My kitten is about 5 or 6 months old. Does he need any treats? I would like to reward him for being good and not sure what to give him. Please help. Thanks!
My kitties are addicted to Greenies, but they also like the Pounce tartar control. I'd suggest giving any treat your kitty likes, but avoid any that have a 'gummy' texture; these have ingredients that are bad for your cat's teeth. Of course, your cat doesn't *NEED* any treats if it's getting a good diet, and you never want to overdo it; but it is a nice gesture for them.
You are SO RIGHT to plan to reward your cat for being good!
Mine like real meat, and there are also treats at the pet store you can get. Mine actually like fish food as treats.
My cats/kittens love pounce. They come running when you shake it! Another great treat for cats, you can get at Petco and other pet stores it cat's milk. It is a lactose free milk that is safe for cats that come in regular, cheese, bacon and other kitty flavor's. My cat's go crazy!
Rewarding for being good is exactly right. My cats like Pounce treats, but only certain flavours. Also, there's cat grass and cat nip.
treats are good for rewards. tuna, Samoan, and Imes cat treats.
I don't know if you have a store called family dollar near you, it's a dollar store, they sell pounce tartar control treats for a dollar where I live, that's a better price than anywhere else around here, a lot better.
i buy my treats from the vet.. they're medi-cat treats, and from what i've been told are much healthier then other treats such as pounce.
The woman i got my kitten from gave me a recipe to make for cookies and such.. pounce, and other treats you can buy from your local walmart hold a lot of junk in them, and a lot of dyes to make them different colour. no sure why since cats don't see this.. but anyway.. from what i'd been told.. they're no good... if your kitty is anything like both of mine.. they'll eat whatever you give them and love you for it :)
My opinion is that cats should be given treats only as rewards - which it sounds like you're planning to do.
If you stick to that, and don't treat often, then it doesn't matter much what you give him.
I had been buying Aquariyums at the grocery store, and both cats love those. But once that runs out, I'm going to use dry food as a treat (Evo).
I figure since they don't get any dry food at all, and because they absolutely love it, that it would make a great treat for them.

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