Friday, July 31, 2009

What's everyone doing for their cats to keep them cool this summer?

My two cats, Oreo, not that I love the cookies it's just that my cat is black on the outside and has white fur on the inside and Chris have fleas and i'm alergic to fleas so I keep them outside. I feed them in the coolest part of the yard and give them ice water when its really hot! i just love my lil' furry babies!!
Get some type of thing to remove the fleas, so that they can come back in the house. I'm pretty sure there is something to remove those fleas. By the way i have a cat myself.
Shave them
I spray them with the hose! Run cats for your life! Muah ha ha ha
buy frontline plus and keep them inside idiot.
I don't have a cat, but the best thing to keep animals cool is always keep a drink near them in case their thirsty and makes sure the place is not above 80 degrees because it affects their fur quality.
You keep them outside? How is that? How about taking them to the vet and letting the vet give them the flea drops that kill fleas and then letting the poor things inside. They have on fur coats, for goodness sakes! Would you want your mother to wrap you in your fur coat and keep in outside and give you ice water and let you be eaten alive by fleas?
We allow our cat to go in and out of the cool basement during the day (where her food and water are) and then put her up in there for the night.
Treat for the fleas. Advantage works best and bring your cat inside. Mine likes to sleep near a fan. Change the water in the bowl often so it's always fairly cool, add a few ice cubes.
Can you bathe them with flea shampoo and get them flea medicine so they can come back in the house?
Get rid of the fleas, either yourself or vet. Then bring them inside. Cats do not "need" to be outside for any reason. In fact it is very dangerous for them outside. Cars, dogs, wild animals, poison, abusive people etc.
I have had cats for more than 30 yrs. and they are perfectly content indoors. They live longer are healthier, and you don't have the worries of fleas and the outside dangers.
Also, fur on animals acts as an insulation against both heat and cold.
1)Use frontline plus or some other flea and tick treatment
2) Are you saying if you weren't allergic to fleas you'd let them in the house?
3) Chill! They are cats, animals, and were meant to live outside. Leaving them outside won't kill them, and they don't, for pete's sake, need ICE WATER!!
I would have them treated for fleas and use a something like frontline to keep the fleas off of them and then keep them indoors. They are getting fleas from being outside. In general, it's not a very good idea to keep your cats outdoors as it can be very dangerous place for cat. They are much more likely to pick up diseases (like feline lukemia or feline AIDS) and the average life span for an outdoor kitty is about 8 years versus 16-20 for an indoor cat (some have been known to live even longer!).
I would recommend calling your vet and asking if they can treat a cat for fleas or what they would recommend. Once they have been treated, it's important to continue treating them with a topical solution (it's placed inbetween the shoulder blades) to keep them from getting fleas again. Your cats will be much happier without the little buggers, too!
I would not suggest keeping the cats outside in hot weather, even if it is in the "coolest part of the yard". There are flea and tick meds available through your vets, and many other providers. I've had good experiences with Frontline, Revolution [my cats are using that now], and some generic brands from wal-mart or Target.
The best thing you can do for them is to keep them inside with the AC on or at least a fan going to keep the air circulating. Put some ice cubes into their water dishes and make sure you aren't playing with them too much [strenuous activities can harm a cat in hot weather just like it can with us.] To tell if your cat is over exerting itself or it's too hot out you will see them panting.
You just love your little furry babies but you let them be flea infested outside? Did you know that cats can be allergic to fleas too? How do you think that feels for them? Buy some flea drops for them such as Advantage or frontline and put it on them! And, keep them inside!
Get rid of their fleas and then keep them inside. They should not have to stay outside in the heat because you won't get rid of their fleas.

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