Friday, July 31, 2009

What type of shampoo can I use on my 10 wk old kitten?

He doesn't have any ticks that I can see and I know they have to be 12 wks before you use the tick shampoo. So for just a normal bath, what can I use on him that is safe? normal human shampoo?
use a normal acid balanced shampoo to wash the kitten. You should not have to wash it unless it gets into something smelly, because kittens keep themselves clean. To keep from getting scratched while bathing the cat wrap him in a towel, like a straight jacket. have the temperature of the bath lukewarm,, and have the shampoo open and ready to go. Make sure and rinse the kitten real good as they are prone to dry skin if they are not rinsed enough.
Wash your kitten when he is 12 weeks.
It's not a good idea to be bathing a ten week old kitten. Besides, cats are one of the cleanest creatures on this planet. If he doesn't have any tics, then why bathe him? I'd wait it out for at least a few more weeks to bathe him.
Human shampoo would be too strong for your kitten and would burn its skin. You need to get a special pet shampoo. Why do you think you need to bathe him anyway? Cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean. If it is dirty from being outside, then a damp towel should suffice.
Why would you want to wash a kitten? Cats a really clean animals and don't need bathing, except in very rare circumstances like falling into something nasty or being covered in diarrhea
Just go to the pet section at any store they sell shampoo for cats and dogs that is safe for them.
cats are naturally clean. you sholdnt give him a bath. the do it themselves. if he has any types of bugs use a medication. espacialy dont wash a kitten. they can cach a cold and get realy sick.

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