Thursday, July 30, 2009

What type of Cat do i have?

He has orange fur, with a whitish tan strips and his belly area is all white fur. He is only about 10 months old and he has a long body and a very long tail almost as long as he is. If this helps and you can answer that would be awesome. Thx
sounds like the breed is: domestic short hair
coloring: orange tiger tabby
Sounds like a normal tabby cat to me.
probably just a regular house cat . mh maybe a Cheshire cat?
if you could get a picture up, that would help a lot :)
Probably an American Shorthaired Tabby. (Tabby refers to the stripes.)
sound like pussycat
well, since I cant see him, I cant really answer that. so, check out the cat fancy breed profiles here to see if you can find a similar cat:
he could be a mix different breeds. so you will need to look at and compare his features with the profiles, so you can get a good guess on his pedigree.
a tabby
Orange tabby. I have the same. You can know for sure if he is quite big and a male. That's what the vet told me. They are normally only males and bigger then other cats. So i`d say he is an American Short_Hair Orange Tabby.
domestic orange tabby
i am pretty sure you have described a 'Turkish van'
identification: delicate
eyes: large and almond shaped
tail: long and tapering
body: medium sized, long
coat: medium-long
your cat may be mixed with a 'tabby' by the sound of the markings but i am pretty sure it has at least some Turkish van it it. if you would like to see some typical Turkish vans look on google images!
hope this helps!
he really sounds like a tabby . those are beautiful cats of diffrent colors and breeds sometimes .

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