Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do about a stray cat that I've been feeding when I move?

I've had this adorable little guy visiting me now for awhile. He's very timid, so I'm guessing he's feral. I've convinced him to let me pet him and he gets all excited when I come outside, but it's taken a long time.
He seems happy outdoors and I'm concerned about what I should do when I move? I'd hate to put him through hell by setting a trap and taking him to a shelter when it seems he's happy where he is.
Any advice?
You have un-strayed him. You're a good person. Your goodness has brought on a responsibility. Now let your goodness show you how to take him with you when you move. I know, I know, very hard to do. Sometimes it's almost impossible to be good. Especially when we didn't have to be at the beginning.
ASPCA - the trap thing is short lived - he could be finding a lovely new home.
get him fixed. and get a cat carrier and make sure where you r moving will allow pets and take him with you
Are you sure he doesn't belong to someone? If he doesn't, please don't leave him to fend for himself. That would be cruel. Take him to a shelter.
He's gotten used to you, and he might take to the next guy. Hopefully they'll feed him, too.
Well it would be best to either keep him or take him to a shelter because if he isn't fixed that is not a good thing. One cat and her offspring can make like 400,000 other cats in like 10 years or something like that. That's a lot of animals with no home. I would either keep him or take him to the humane society.
Couldn't you take him with you when you move? He obviously likes you, so he would probably love to have a great indoor (or outdoor) home with you when you move! If you cannot do this, you could ask some neighbors if they will look after him or take him in when you leave. I know ghow hard it would be to take him to a humane society, so please ask some neighbors if you cannot take him. Good Luck
Aww. That's a tough one. I suppose there's no way you could catch him to make him your pet? You could get him to the vet for neutering, and his vaccinations, and then move him with you? Well, that's probably not possible. I suppose you could talk to a neighbor to see if they could pick up where you left off with him.
Good luck. I wish I could help more.
Taking the cat to a shelter is not always a good option. It is almost always a death sentence, especially if he seems feral (even a little). I would say trap him, and then release him outside at your new place and continue feeding. Even better, try to make him an indoor pet as an earlier poster stated.
When you leave he'll hang around waiting for you which means he will probably starve to death or be killed. I would notify a local feral cat organization in your area and see if they can help you out with him. Most shelters will not take feral cats because they are hard to get adopted out. The pound will trap him and put him to sleep. I had the same problem when I moved. The cats I fed hung around my old house waiting for me to feed them. I did for awhile until someone moved in my old house and did not like the cats. I also got a neighbor to let me feed them at his house and then I got him to feed them on his own. Last time I talked to him someone had trapped the cats and called the pound. I felt bad, I wish I had known about the feral organization where I live cause they would of helped me figure out what to do with the cats. It is really hard to leave them, especially after you gain their trust. There is not a day I don't think about the cats. Good luck!
You can't just leave him he depends on you. Please find a no kill shelter or take him with you when you move.
well even if he finds a new home he might just be happier outside he probably only goes to your House because there's food there not because he wants to live there, he's probably like a wild animal I think it would be better to leave him and hope for the best if he wants a home he'll find someone else like you who will take care of him
OK i may know a way to help.. when you are getting ready to move. get a cat carrier and put him in it with food ,water etc. this may help him get used to you a little more and when you are all moved in your new home make sure it is OK that you can have animals in your household if he is a outside cat and your home is close to a busy road i wouldn't let him be outside i would move him inside for a couple of nights because you wouldn't want your little guy to be squashed! now would you? when you move him inside he will get used to you and he will be used to he surrounding trust me i have 6 cats and ive dune this plenty of times it works!
A vet I worked with worked in conjunction with the customers that lived in the clinic neighborhood. There was a major feral cat problem. The clients would trap the cats and the good doc would nueter them and then they were returned from whence they came. I have known people that have turned feral cats into pets but it's a long hard road. You could try trapping him then having someone he doesn't associate with you take him to be nuetered and then take him with you when you move. He may enjoy living inside but if he doesn't he could move it back outside and you could still feed him.
See if the new tenants/owners would be willing to continue to feed and love him. If not, he's a cat and he will be fine. Amazingly resiliant creatures, cats.
I wouldn't suggest attempting to take him with you. The move would likely be too stressful considering that he is feral, and he wouldn't make a good house pet. You would have to keep him inside for a while whenever you move to make sure he doesn't take off.
There is the concern of wild cats breeding. They have too many offspring and it's bad for the cats to live the feral lifestyle and they die and all... So, if you turn him in to the animal shelter then it serves the better good. On the other hand, he could be killed if not adopted because, lets face it, they have to do something with these animals after a while. Even though, I think I have heard of places that don't do this, but I know a city or county animal shelter puts animals down after a while. Also, being a stray might lower his chances of being adopted since he's probably not used to humans.
Instead, you could just let him be. Like I said, this isn't the most responsible thing to do in the long run, but it's not like you have a duty to patrol for stray animals and take them to the shelter. He would probably be happier in the short run not being locked up. I think you could only really go with this option if he appeared to be in relatively good health when you first noticed him, before you started feeding him. This would imply that he has some way of getting enough food.
Personally, I would just let him roam unless he appeared to be in poor health before you started feeding him. I might also consider his size in the equation. If he's pretty small, there is a good chance that he could be killed by another cat when he gets to the age of being territorial, or be killed by a dog. I think the major factor is just how comfortable he seems to be living outside.
Chances are that if you leave him, he'll probably just hang around your place your living in now. Chances are that he'll just starve to death in the long run. I know what you mean about putting him in a shelter. If he's timid like you said he probably won't get adopted and have to be put to sleep.
I realize your in a situation about taking him but perhaps you could take him and see that he has a happy life. Your about all he has right now and he needs you in order to survive.
Follow your heart and I know you'll make the right decision.
Great question and thanks for asking...I gave you a star!

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