Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I name my Kitten?? Pics!?

I just got him today, he is 4 months old, Grey and very cute! I am thinking Emerson or Simon...What do u think?
Grayson! Since you were considering naming it Simon, I am going to guess that it is a male cat. Grayson is a male name by the way.
He looks so much like my cat Bucky!! Except for the white paws, which is absolutely adorable by the way... =D
awww he is sooo cute! my uncle had a cat almost like that and he named him taz.
I like the pictures of your cat. I like the name Simon for him. Tell us what you decide.
Out of the names you suggested I like Simon. Sampson is a cute name too.
Name it August! It's eyes are the color of august's gemstone.
and you got it in august!
and my 9 month old kitty died. she looked exacly like that and her name was august.
lovely little one you have there i have one that looks similar he is 10 weeks has more white on him and i named my little one bailey think you get to know there personality and see what name suites
my friend has a cat that looks exactly like that except his smaller and furrier. they actualy named him bear but i can c ur cat as a simon or a jake. he's absolutely adorable!
I say go with Simon. it looks like it would suit him. He is adorable!
I like names like that, anyway. I named my "boykind" cats Hank and Stewart.
aww he looks like my boy !! well mine is called Tolouze, he started off as Berliose( the grey cat from Aristocats) but my kids couldnt get thier heads round Berliose but could remember that was settled
Aw, he is so adorable! What a beautiful kitty :) I would go with Simon for him. When he meows, you can say, "Simon Says...!" lol Wishing a long and healthy life for both you and Simon together.
I had a cat like him and I named him GB which stood for grey boy.
Look at him- "Socks" !!

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