Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do about indoor cats?

Hey everyone,
I have 2 cats who have been indoor cats since they were born, I always lived in a building so that wasn't a problem, they're 7 years old and it's been two years since I've moved to a house with a garden, they would do anything to go out, so at first I felt sorry and let them go and I'd sit with them until it became like a habit, if they didn't go out they wouldn't stop meaw'ing (they never meaw for anything!)
So now since they've come home with lots and lots of different insects on them I bathed them, applied the appropriate medication and have not let them out since then. But just looking at them looking out the window breaks my heart.
What should I do? Is it wrong from keeping them from their natural environment? Is it not wrong because I'm protecting them from potential danger to their life? I don't know what to do! Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Keep the cats inside. If you let them out, you are putting them at risk of ear mites, fleas, ticks, rabies, traps, insecticides, predators, and being run over by cars. Do you really want fleas in your carpet? They bite humans if you sit on the floor or go barefoot.
Cats that are allowed outside have much shorter lifespans than inside cats. One day they might not come back home, and you would never know why. Then, how will you feel? No good can come of letting them outside.
I live on a farm. My cat lives indoors only. She got out once and was gone for nine days. She was extremely thin when she returned. Since she has been terrified of the outdoors.
Your cats are better off inside.
Make them their own little indoor garden with cat grass. That might appease them a bit.
you brought them up as indoor cats, you can't change em at this late date so quickly, you have to ease them into it.
I have two cats who have never gone outside. I live in an apartment, on the second floor, and one of them has jumped across to my neighbours several times. My neighbour has several cats and my cat came back infected with all kinds of insects and rashes. Never left my balconey door open since. Plz avoid sending your cats outside. I know they luv it outside with the air and sunlight and everything but it's for their own good. It would also cost u more in the long run if they come back infected with something severe.
I totally understand your fears and anxiety. I too have the same situation, however, I refuse to put my "babies" in harm's way. They stay inside. I raise the glass on the screen door so they can smell the outside but that"s it!. I love my kitties as much as you do. They get used to it.
if you want to let them out - build them a cat run - out of 2x4s and chicken wire - (or chain link with) and will need to cover the top too...
put it next to your house with a window they can use for access to the area - it doesnt need to be huge - next to your house or under a deck (basement window access) works great.. have a gate so you can enter it too..
it is NOT cruel to keep them inside... they enjoy looking out - thats fine
Worst thing I ever did was let my indoor cats out, now they want out all the time. I've noticed they are getting braver and wandering further away each time. We have started not letting them out after dinner as they started staying out all night.
If you can stand their meowing then keep them indoors.
i have four cats that stay indoors they do want out but wont let due 2 evil neighbours poison them so no yr not a bad pet owner keep them in or make a cat run g l
please try to keep them inside, i have 2 cats.. one who used to go outside ( hubby insisted they needed to go out) he was struk by a car one night.. my hubby found him trying to crawl back to the house, after 2 surgeries and 4500 $$ he is still alive, but he has changed some.
he doest go outside anymore, my other cat has never been out. just play with them alot.. make sure they have lots of toys ..a place to sit in the window.. and you'll have to deal with the whining a few days, but at least they will be safe
Don't let bugs be the only reason your cats can't go outdoors!
What do you mean by 'appropriate medication' exactly? Was it from a vets? Because if not, it isn't going to work! Also, bathing will deactivate many flea products, especially Frontline which requires the natural oils of the skin to work.
Don't listen to the people who are telling you 'you must keep you cat inside at all costs'. Rubbish. The cats love going outside, and they're in a garden with you watching over them! What potential dangers to their life would you be protecting them from by keeping them inside, exactly?
The first answerer is being ridiculous. Of course her cat freaked out going outside for the first time, why wouldn't she?! So would a three year old human child if it escaped for the first time and wandered off alone - we don't ban them from ever leaving the house do we?
Cars and predators are the only danger to outdoor cats. Sounds like your cats are safe from these with you with them. Being indoors keeps cats safe from very, very few illnesses - feline leukaemia, AIDS and rabies are about the only ones actually (because they require direct contact with an affected animal).
Anyway, get some proper flea and tick medication from a vet, and some proper wormer - and don't bathe them!
Keeping them indoors is the best thing you can do for them! Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. There are lots of dangers outside, especially for cats who have been raised indoors. You might want to invest in a window platform that they can lie on and look outside. Their meowing might signify that they see something outside - a bird or a rabbit or something - and they are feeling their natural urge to hunt. Buy some toys that will encourage their hunting instinct (catnip mice are good; also, anything with feathers, because they resemble birds).
Just remember - you're being a good and loving owner by keeping them inside!!
I think it is in a cat's instinct to smell the outdoor smells, hunt the bugs and whatever scratches and moves. Now they have experienced it they want more.
We love cats because they are that enigmatic mixture of furry cuddle sponge and wild hunter. Personally I feel I owe my cats the freedom that they wish.
I understand about danger but also realize there is a greater danger to an inside only cat who might get outside accidentally and has never had the opportunity to learn about the dangers and how to avoid them.
I know the possibility exists that I may one day find one of my cats run over on the road or eaten by the neighbor's dog but I dont think that's enough to restrict them to where they are not totally happy. Cats are pretty smart and can actually look after themselves pretty well outdoors.
Build a kennel like they have for dogs, but put a top on. My cats always wanted out and I felt guilty not letting them out. Now I feel better and I know they are safe.

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