Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of food do i need for my kitten so she wont fart so much?

I know there are foods for cats that dont make then have a lot of waste becasuse the keep most of the food. So I was wondering what foods would be best for my 10 week old kitten?
Your kitten is farting because she probably has an internal parasite. Take her to the vet!
If you're feeding wet food that's what doing it. Just get a good dry kitten food for your kitten and she should be fine. All the best;^)
Usually if you feed them a cheap brand of cat food, it causes excess gas.
Most kittens (and puppies) are gassy regardless of what type of food you feed them. They nearly always outgrow this; it's rare for an adult cat to pass much gas.
If you haven't had her wormed, please do so though.
Purina Kitten Chow is an excellent choice for her; it's what I've always fed the kittens I've adopted.
Good luck and have FUN with your new baby!
Are you feeding her milk? She could be lactose intolerant. Our cat is. When we first saw her we picked her up %26 said "Awwww, she's soooo cute" %26 then she farted. We quickly set her down, but still took her home, lol.
Try Purina, or some good brand like that. Try to not feed her the wet stuff, that would probably just make them juicy, gross. I use to have a cat that whenever you did something she didn't like she'd fart on you, she was a smart cat though, she could open the screen, she was part Siamese that was probably it. Well good luck!
You shouldn't feed a cat milk. Ever. It can cause digestive problems, which could lead to excess gas.
If it's a kitten, he/she needs kitten formulated food. It has all the vitamins and minerals a growing kitten needs. After a year, you can switch to adult formulated foods. Just watch the ash content, as the higher ash content, the higher the risk of a urinary tract infection.

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