Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What recourse do I have against the people who killed my cat?

My cat was shot to death by some kids with pellet guns. I didn't see it happen, but I see the same group of kids walking around my apartment building at night. They've stolen bicycles and made threats to my neighbors. I've called the cops, but they said there was nothing they could do since I can't prove anything. What can I do? I want justice.
OMG! It would take every bit of strength I have not to shove a pellet gun up their...well, I won't go there. But you deserve justice! I thought it was a felony to commit animal abuse! The cops should have at least questioned the kids and scare them a little. And they didn't even do that? This is so horrible. Maybe you could try to talk to their parents although I'm sure it will do no good. Pehaps get all the decent neighbors together and start a community watch if possible and the first thing you catch those punks doing put their asses in jail! Today they're killing cats and stealing bikes, whats to say they won't get bored of that next week and start stealing cars or killing people? Something has to be done and if the cops won't at least try to do something take charge yourself. Your cat deserves it. On another note I'm so sorry you lost your baby in such a brutal way. You have amazing restraint and I commend you on it. If you need someone to talk to feel free to email. I'll say a prayer for your kitty!
Unfortunately if the cops said they could not do anything, then you don't have much. You could try to contact rescue groups and tell them what has happened, they may have an idea. As for "justice", good luck. We had 3 boys (13 %2614 yr olds) burn two dogs two death where I live, and they really didn't get much. 2 yrs probation and 60 days in a detention center. They will get out and do it again. It's sickening that the laws can't be tougher.
Essentially it would be your word against theirs. Is there anyone that witnessed the kids shooting your cat that would be willing to come forward? If not, what you could do is try to sue for the value of the cat but a judge is going to want proof as to how you know they killed your cat. If I were you though, I would tell the kids parents your suspicions and also what they are currently doing. Their parents need to step in now before their kids do eventually get caught and end up on jail.
Call the police, or if they won't help call the county animal control or humane society, they have animal abuse investigators that will take hte time to look deeper. Police don't consider it a high priority. Good luck, I hope you get them. If not, trust karma will. Your kitty is still with you:)
PS, demand you can file a complaint with the police, so there is at least a trail leading to these kids, if they get caught with something again it can pile up against them and the police may finally act.
Hot dang, I know this is out of the question, but I would track them down and kill them myself.
I would get a night video camera, and hang it around your house. Put like a stuffed cat or something that looks like a cat, so you might be able to catch them in the act of shooting.
I'm also EXTREMELY sorry for your loss, and I hope the little bastards get what they deserve.
This maybe a problem if the police wont do anything about it . If the kids live in the apartment complex file a list of complaints and give them to the manager of complex requesting they get evicted immeadietely . If that does not work try to get out of your lease and move to another friendly apartment complex .Im sorry for your loss . Or you could try to catch them in the act .Or possibly animal control as what the others suggested .
you should contact animal control and they can put u in contact with someone who will lay some type of fine/charge on them for abuse, even if they say you have no proof at least it will be for what they r doing to your neighbors.they are adults they should put those kids in there place
I would call animal control. Report the abuse they did to your animal. However, like in all criminal cases, if you or someone else didnt see it happen, nothing much will be done, but at least you might feel like you did what you could. Also, talk to your neighbors and ask if anyone saw anything or if anything has been happening with their pets. What they did is illeagle, called animal abuse and punishable by law. If you feel you still do not have justice, keep on with telling the police. Maybe they will step up patrols in your neighbor and at least catch the kids who did it for another offense.
Simon, I just want to say that I am very, very sorry for the loss of your kitty. A lot depends on your local and state animal cruelty laws. You have been given some good advice by those above - see if your county has an animal cruelty officer and if so, contact them. It wouldn' t hurt to contact the police again, perhaps you may get another officer that is willing to do a bit more follow-up, especially if you are able to find out the names of any of those little bastards, especially if there is any evidence that they have also been involved in thefts. I would alert as many neighbors as you can, if you have not done that already, so hopefully this won't happen to anyone else's animal.
Again, I am very sorry for your loss.
What state do you live in?
The police are right, they really can't do anything if you or someone else didn't witness these particular kids shooting your cat. It really could have been someone else. I'll make the assumtion your cat was allowed to roam at night. That may have pissed off some neighbors who may have shot the cat. So, I would maybe watch these kids to see if you can witness them doing something illegal, but other than that, nothing can be done on just your assumption they are guility.
As far as the suggestion you sue. Pets are considered property and therefore have little to no monetary value. And, you may have been breaking the law if your cat was off your property.
If someone killed my cat, i would set their house on fire, i swear!
Ever try contacting their parents? You could also try calling an animal abuse shelter.

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