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What is your opinion on house cats, is it cruel to keep them indoors?

Cats are America's most popular pets, but they are also the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poisons, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles. The reason is simple: Owners often don't realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a one-way ticket to trouble.
Millions of cats suffer and die because their owners give them free reign to roam the neighborhood. The vast majority of these owners aren't cruel or thoughtless; many love their animals as much as the rest of us. They just believe that cats are happiest outdoors. In fact, many cat caregivers acquired their felines by "taking in" or caring for someone's cat who was allowed to stray.
A Dangerous Tradeoff
When cats are left outside unsupervised, their freedom to roam comes at a cost because they have a vastly increased chance of being injured, becoming ill, or even dying. The estimated average life span of a free-roaming cat is less than three years鈥攃ompared to 15鈥?8 years for the average indoor-only cat. Even the cat who only occasionally ventures outdoors unsupervised can fall victim to automobiles, predators, disease, and other hazards. In fact, two out of three veterinarians recommend keeping cats indoors, most often citing dangers from vehicles and disease.*
Even cats in "safe" suburban neighborhoods can meet untimely fates and never return home. Fewer than 5% of "found" cats taken in by animal shelters are reunited with their families. That's why many shelters now require potential adopters to commit to keeping their cats safely confined and strongly recommend that cats wear collars and ID tags, and even be implanted with an identifying microchip. Some communities are adopting ordinances aimed at encouraging owners to confine their cats鈥攋ust as they do their dogs.
Home Is the Best Habitat
So what is best for your cat? The HSUS's Safe Cats campaign was created to help you keep your cat safe and happy by making the great indoors both interesting and comfortable. The campaign can teach you how to "bring the outdoors in" and enrich the life of your cat. There are lots of things that you and your cat can do together for fun鈥攁nd you will have longer to enjoy one another if you keep your cat safely confined in his natural habitat: the home you share.
*HSUS veterinarian study conducted in June 2001 by Jacobs, Jenner %26 Kent.
Not at all! If anything, it's an act of love. Our cats were born to a wild momma, but haven't been outside since they were very tiny indeed. And they're the only ones left alive from the entire lineage: The rest of them got sick or poisoned, and had to be caught and carried away.
I don't think that is a fate you would wish on a loved pet.
tthats what my mom thinks and she wont let me have one..but my dad and i disagree like seriously..the cats whole family is indoor it shuld be in their genes already like seriously
its not cruel at all they just need a little space, not like just one room their whole life
no, but i think u should letur cat outside everyday on leash to roam around to hunt and get exercise. Cats love to hunt.
No. Their use to it.
I take my cat outside about 3 times a week %26 I've been doing that since I got her %26 she loves being outside. She'll just sit there %26 watch things move %26 sounds %26 things like that.
Where I use to live this lady had trained her cat to go outside to poop/pee instead of a litter box.
But, it's NOT needed to take your cat outside.
nope - not if it keeps them alive..
a cat is much like a 5 yr old child, people need to realize this and treat them the same.
cars are only one risk - fights with other cats, fleas, worms, diesease, and angry neighbours all pose risks to outdoor cats.
if you want to let your cat out - you can leash train it on a harness or build a cat section.. this is what I did when I lived in the city - build an area next to my house out of 2x4's and chicken wire.. with a gate on one end so I could enter - I had a window I could open for them to go in and out of.. and shut the window at night so they could only be out in the day time.
indoor cats face a lot less danger of death than indoor cats do. and unless they escape, it's not as though they know what they're missing. I've had outdoor and indoor cats, and they both seem just as happy, but with indoor cats they don't leave the rats they kill as "presents" on my doorstep.
as long as you play with the cat and treat it well, there is no reason an indoor cat doesn't have a happy and full life like an outdoor cat would, if not better.
Some things a cat would "miss" if they never go outside:
-Being ran over by a car
-Becoming prey for something bigger
-Fighting over territory, mates, etc.
-Diseases that can easily be prevented by vaccines
-Infections from wounds, etc.
I've read that an outdoors cats' lifespan is 2-6 years.
Indoor cats'? Can be up to 20 years!
No, I can't stand people that let there cats roam around outside. If I have to keep my dog on a leash or chain then people with cats should do the same. My children have been bitten by cats roaming around and they weren't strays. Also, cats get diseases outside and hit by cars. Take them for walks if they need fresh air (On a Leash!)
House cats generally live 5-10 years longer than outdoor cats.
House cats:
- don't get hurt fighting with other cats
- don't get attacked by dogs
- don't get attacked by wild animals
- don't get shot by idiot neighbors
- don't get hit by cars
- don't get teased/tortured/tormented by obnoxious children
- don't get picked up by animal control and euthanized if not claimed
- don't get sick/poisoned eating something they shouldn't
- don't get caught in car engines on cold winter days
Not only is it better for the cat to stay inside, but also for the wildlife. People forget that domesticated cats kill more species of small animal than any other animals. There are a lot of areas where this is becoming a problem with bird populations and others small animal populations. Look it up, there is a lot of information. Cats do just fine inside. If you worry about thier hunting instinct, hide toys/food around the house for them to hunt.
No it is not cruel to keep a cat inside because they live longer and they don't get killed by people and cars.
I have my cat inside because of:
Mountain lions
The people have been told to keep their pets inside because people have found coyotes and mountain lions and bears in their back yards during the day and at night. I live near the hills and mountains.
We have two cats (brothers) that were part of a litter that was left in our alleyway. The others were adopted by various families in and around my neighborhood. We also have a strictly outside cat that sort of adopted us one day about three years ago.
Our two guys never leave the house. He never comes inside.
The outside cat is perfectly happy to stay almost entirely on our property only wandering around the neighborhood on rare occasions. He has a nice cedar cat-house on our large front porch where he sleeps in the winter.
Once, during a bad winter storm my wife tried to bring him inside. He totally freaked when she closed the door. He much preferred to be outside regardless of the weather. He likes to be petted and groomed. He likes to sit on our laps when we sit out on the porch but does not want to come in.
Our two house cats never go outside. If someone leaves the door open for a while they may sniff around at the outside air but don't venture out. I guess one can assume that they are very happy inside our house. It is large enough and they are allowed to wander wherever they want. They both sleep together on a soft chair in the den every night. They share the food bowl, water bowl and litter box with no problems.
What cats like most is consistency. The only thing that upsets them is change.
In my opinion, it's the best way for a cat to live, inside. I have seen so many outside cats during the duration of my working with animals it was heart breaking. I've seen cats that were so sick and run down, cats that were hurt in one way or the other from being outside.
It is much healthier and safer to keep cats inside. I have always kept my cats inside and have had one that lived until he was 17 and another that lived until she was 20. Outside cats are subjected to accidents, illnesses and even death and don't live as long as an indoor cat.
The cat I have now is 13 and she's been an indoor cat since they day I took her home from the shelter. She likes to sit on the front porch during the day and bask in the sun. I watch her constantly so she won't wander away. She's good and stays right around my area of the porch and lawn. She is a happy, healthy and safe kitty.
I hope this helps!
not at all i think its better to keep them in worst fear of them being out side it getting hit by a i never let my cats out.but one day lucy did get out and she was missing for 5 days,i looked every where and called her name so many times.i was going to give up casue for a cat thats never been out side,then goes out for fve days,and 3 of the night we had terible lighting storms,i was so worried she had died,then 11 at night i heard meowing and she had come home that has got to be one of my best days of my life..sionce then she has never tryed to get out again
Cats are very good animals, if you take car of them, so in my openion it's cruel to keep them indoors if they are healthy %26 couples

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