Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is your favourite type of cat?

My favourite a persians and siamese for their unique personalities. Also they are very loyal. What is your favourite and why. If you write anything involving cruelty to animals i will report it.
Hi Michael...the wonderful thing about cats is that all breeds can be someone's favourite because of their individual personality regardless of breed. Persians, Siamese are wonderful as well as so many other breeds.
My kitties chose me so regardless of their breed background I know I'm their favourite.
I like my big tough tabby cat that I got from the humane society. A regular ol' cat - he's awesome, friendly, funny and cool looking (and knows it).
i like siamese also they have a cute face and coat color but i have to say i will pick a mutt cat over any purebreed cat i think mutt cats are calmer and friendler.
So many cats, so little time... I love all cats, but I think my favorite would have to be a Scottish Fold. They are so cute with their laid over ears and their funny little faces. The ones I have had a chance to spend time with were wonderful in the personality department. Of course, alley cats are awesome too, because you never know what you'll get in looks, personality, and needs. All cats are great in their own way.
I really love tabbies and domestic shorthairs. They don't shed too much, and you can always find them anywhere!
i have many favourite types of cats, i have 4 cats, but my ever favourite is my scallywag hes desexed. a tabby with unusual markings, i named him scallywag as when he was a kitten he got in to so much mischief and when id walk passed him he would go for my feet, hes cute adorable and id never ever part from him, his sister is feisty shes a tabby too. but has white socks and her name is feisty, there aunt is beer, shes a long haired black desexed then theres there uncle sook. a white short haired cat
I have been so lucky to have a stray black cat ,named Sinbad now.He has a tiny patch of white on the end of his tail.
He found us on Cinco De Mayo.4 years ago.Just popped in through the bedroom window and became our cat.He's a big talker,sometimes in the middle of the night he howls and roams around the bedroom.He's my favorite kind of cat,
He picked us as his "humans",and I wish he could talk for just 5 minutes.I'm sure he'd have a great story to tell.
I don't even have to think about my answer! I've been a cat lover all my life and the best cat to own is a Persian, hands down! They are the most beautiful and loyal of all cats. They are docile and loving too. I just lost my 19 year old Persian this afternoon. She was truly an inspiration to me! At a hefty weight of four and a half pounds, she ruled a home with 2 large dogs (90 pounds)! She was truly the "queen of the house" and I will miss her for the rest of my life! She gave me some beautiful kittens in her lifetime- I still have her grandson (the last of the line) whom I hope to have for at least another 6 years before we have to say our goodbyes! Go with the Persian!!
Traditional Doll Faced Persian
My favorite type of cat is an American Short Hair. I adopted one from a cat shelter when she was five months old and from then on she really has grown up nice. She is adorable and I trained her to walk on a leash, sit, lay down, fetch, stay, and jump up. %26lt;3
I love the Manx for their independence and sassy personalities =)
yes, cats are my favourite type of cat. any cat, every cat, if it is a cat it is my favorite kind of cat.
i've had persians, tuxes, muttcats, and american shorthairs, and they are all wonderful cats
Maine Coon. They are very curious and clever, and they pick one person to lavish all their love on. It's awesome to be that one person.
Hmm...I would have to say Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthairs (or any Siamese cross). I love their personality and how most are quite vocal.
my favorite is an oriental cat they are cute and sweet!!
Every single cat in this world!
Well, I just love my Snowshoe-birma polidactyl cat.
He is my friend and partner in "crime" around the house..
Well trained, extremely finicky for his cleanliness and litter and a superb companion for those long night at the computer.until he decides to remove the keys from the keyboard...
siamese and oriental breeds.

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