Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of cat do i have?

He is a boy cat, white/cream with orange tinted ears, orange striped tail, orange freckel looking spots on his forhead and orange spots on his feet. He is a big cat and he has lots of extra skin. skin not fur. his fur is not fluffy but it is thick Bright blue eyes. and a regular perfect cat face meaning not flat and not long just perfect. oh and he has a pink nose. he is so pretty he has to be something cool. he came to my appartment beaten and starved. and there are absolutly no other cats like him around. anyway its driving me crazy, if someone knows please let me know
if you had a picture, it would be easier to tell. go to the bookstore and look up a cat breed book, you might be able to find it in there.or take him to the vet (especially since he came to you beaten and starved) and maybe have him a check up and probably the vet will be able to tell you what breed your cat is!
sounds like a Fine Cat...of the phylla Finus Catus...
if i had such a cat i would name him brother fine cat.
Yeh to me it sounds like a tiger. Picture would help.
sounds like marmlelaid i think i spell it wrong its a orange cat or with orange this is just my idea i could be wrong.
He could just be a Domestic Mix... usually people don't abandon purebreds.
hmm, sounds like a cat, lol. it might be a ragdoll if ears and tail are a different color than the body.
Your kitty sounds like a Flame Point Siamese.
Most cats are either Domestic Shorthairs, Domestic Mediumhairs or Domestic Longhairs..depending on hair length. Your cat would only be an acutal "breed" if you acquired it from a specific breeder and paid a lot of money for it.

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