Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of cat?

I have a cat which is gray with a white spot on his chest and one on his waist. He looks exactley like a Korat, only with these spots. What breed(s) could he be??
probably Felis Silvestris Catus, but he could be a Neko, Gato or Mao.
Probably a mixed breed
There are very few purebred cats in the world, and the odds of finding one without paying thousands for it are very slim. Most likely, you have a DSH, DMH, or DLH- Domestic Short, Medium, or Long-hair. These are the melting-pot cats, the ones we see every day. Black, white, tabby, calico, spotted, speckled, whathaveyou. If you don't have pedigreed purebred, it's just a mutt-cat, and there's not much chance of ever knowing where it came from or what may or may not be in it.
And btw, I have a female kitten who is blue-gray with the same two white spots on her chest and belly, and I know for a fact she's a Heinz 57 street mutt. So I wouldn't bet much money on yours being any sort of distinguishable mix.
Might be a Russian Blue mix. (Something like this? Maybe even lighter or darker.
Also either an
DSH-Domestic Short Hair
DMH-Domestic Medium Hair or
DLH-Domestic Long Hair
Your cat really might be close to any breed, for we dont know which breeds his parents were, then their parents, then their parents. It comes from a long line.
Bye-Bye! And hope I helped!

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