Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of human foods can I feed my Cat & Kitten?

I feed my cats dry cat food %26 canned cat food, but sometimes when I'm eating they look at me like they want some, but I don't want them to get sick, what should I tell them?
There are several things you could give them, as long as it is in very small quantities.cooked meat, a little tuna, etc.
However, keep in mind that you are going to develop a habit that you may not want to keep up. If you do give them "people food", DO NOT do it while you are eating...the looking will turn into yowling at every meal. Instead, AFTER you are all finished, put a little in their bowl.
Best thing to do is not to give them any human food..Especially sweet foods...and ESPECIALLY chocolate...
Chocolate is poisonus for dogs and cats..
The best thing is to buy them treats..and when you eat and they sit there and stare give them one ^ ^
steamed tilapia.or any fish
Cooked chicken or Turkey or cooked unseasoned Hamburgermeat.Lowfat cottagecheese with hamburgermeat for kittens.
Its best if you stick to the food you have been feeding them ,once you start giving them tablefood they want it all the time.
cheese, fish, any meat, and cat also likes butter
I give my cat tuna,chicken really any kind of meat, cheese, I used to have a cat that would BEG for McDonalds french fries and she knew the difference between them and any other ones! Once she had a liter of kittens she wouldnt eat them any more!
Chicken and tuna will be fine you can also give them veggies if the will eat them just try not to give them pork. Pork has a some type of bacteria that is extremely dangerous for cats.
Human foods are not good for cats or even kittens (Foods To Avoid)
Tuna can cause Yellow fat Disease.

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