Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of people food can you give to kittens?

You really shouldn't give people food to any animals. Many of the spices we use (such as onion) can make animals very sick. IF you absolutely must feed a kitten some people food, unseasoned, baked chicken or fish would be best. What would be absolutely best, however, is kitten food.
None. Stick to kitten food.
Blueberry muffins the Minnie ones
I wouldn't suggest giving a kitten any people food. Animals really shouldn't eat human's is not made for them and can make them sick. Kitten chow would be best for a kitten.
Depends on age if 16 wks and older, canned tuna in water, canned chicken in water, cheese, in small amounts or as treats. Never give a kitten under 6 months milk, cows milk will give diarrhea. Also can give catnip, most all cats and kittens love. Best to keep on a high quality kitten food for the first year, then a urinary track health once old enough, weather male or female.
You can give chop ed meat like (ham, turkey, and hamburger meat)put it in a bowl or plate. and pore some milk on it so they get extra nutrition.( Don't give them to much at max one time a week but to but safe i say every 10 days.)
Hope i helped! Please give the best answer to me!^.^
People food is a bad idea for kittens. Commercial cat food has amino acids that only exist naturally in fresh killed prey. There may also be preservatives and spices which are detrimental to cats.
Once past the kitten stage an occasional small snack of tuna in water (just a nibble) is ok. My cat likes cake, pasta with parmesan cheese and butter, cheese, butter, collard greens and other vegetables. but she only easts a little bit. The collards are really good for them since they contain lots of calcium (this is the stapple diet of my iguana, and the dog enjoys the collard stalks as well)
Apples and Apricots (stems and leaves and seeds)
Baby food containing onion
Baking Powder and Baking Soda
Bones from fish,poultry or other meats
Citrus oil extracts
dog food in large amounts
fatty foods
Grapes and Raisins
liver in alrge amounts
Macadamia Nuts
milk and other dairy products
onions and Garlic
Peaches and plums (leaves ,seeds, leaves)
Raw eggs (salmonella)
Raw fish( Yellow Fat Disease) When given a long time this is what can happen to a cat or kitten and it is a very painful disease and they can die from it.
salt in large quantities
sugary foods
Yeast dough
Canned tuna (over time the cat or kitten can get Yellow Fat Disease and it is a very painful Disease and they can die from it.
Human foods should not be given to cat or kittens.
Your kittens will let you know. Don't give them broccoli, they get really bad farts.

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