Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of treats do you give your cat?

i have a 9 mnth old kitty and i have tried 3 different kinds of treats, and they all gave her the raunchy poo's!!! I tried pounce, the so called "natural" treats and then purinas whisker lickin's.and they all result in one smelly litter box. What kinds do u give your cat that doesnt give her the poo's ??
I really don't give my cat those treats for a couple of reasons 1. he does not like them and 2. they do give the nastiest smelliest poo a living creature could emit (that smell should not come out of a creature that small!) My cat only gets his dry food and a can of wet food (Fancy Feast is the only thing the little baby will eat) every couple of days
Feline greenies, every flavor but the fish ones. Good for the breath and almost every cat I know loves them.
canned tuna,salmon,mackerel(be careful this one will smell like death),sardines, we have used all the natural treats, the cat will have to get used to them, besides cats always have stinky poop, just limit the amount of goodies you give your cat.
There's a couple reasons:
1. Your cat might just happen to be allergic to treats in general
2. Young cats bodies are different, so you can't keep jumping from treat to treat, there body won't allow it
Would you believe, my cat, well the first one I had, hates treats? I haven't tried any on the new one. I know that a lot of treats are bad for a cat.
I give my 1 year old cat pounce. It seems to do fine but he doesn't seem to like it. Try to get treats that don't say in the ingredients by-product. It is bad for the cat.
My cat does not get treats because I can't trust store treats for my cat so she eats her cat food.
I don't give my cat Human food because it is not good for them and they can get sick from Human foods.
Canned tuna over time can give a cat or kitten Yellow Fat Disease and it is a very painful disease and they can die from it.
i don't overdo the treats, but i do give her anchovies from the oriental market over in the city from here.
and i use a good scoopable litter and baking soda...the baking soda at the bottom of the pan before you put in the to keep oder way down.
anyway my cat's poo don't stink,...just ask her, she'll stick her tail in your face to let you know that she thinks it's chanell #5.
Plain cooked chicken in small pieces or larger ones if your cat likes to chew with their back teeth. A plainly cooked (little or no seasonings) rotisserie chicken is much appreciated.
A bit of unsalted butter.
A sprig of fresh catnip if your cat likes catnip.
Steak, done rare and cut into small pieces.
Slow-cooked beef.
Some cats play with uncooked green beans and asparagus. I don't know why.
The more plainly cooked the better. When you make it fresh you know what is in it. Cats are carnivorous and very happy to make a meal of birds. Some cats like fish but canned tuna and those fish flakes can cause health problems.
If you are feeding her a highly processed cat food, it is nice to add something fresh to her diet for a change.
Maybe you're giving too many?
I only treat as a reward, like after getting nails clipped.
I have AquariYums on hand which both cats like but I've decided that when those run out, I'll simply treat them with a good dry food (Evo).
Reason being they don't get any dry food otherwise and they both love it. So what better to treat with than a few grains of kibble?

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