Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of song would a cat find soothing and make it happy? :P?

Any certain song that would cheer a cat up or make it happy? Lol, Thanks. :)
Da Shootaz- Joyride
they should find that energetic ;D
The Thong Song?
awwww! i love when owners spoil their kitties! i want to play "orinoco flow" by Enya for my cat. LOL!
I just read something about this in Cat Fancy magazine, like that one girl posted, cats do like Enya, they also like classical music. They do not like rock and they hate rap. EDIT I asked about cats and music the other day and one lady said her cat comes running every time he hears the theme to Andy Griffith, I thought that was so funny.
My dog prefers Sponge Bob to music. When I go away, the cartoon network is turned on. He does love old rock and roll.
meow-moew-moew-moew, meow-meow-meow-meow,
meow-meow, just kidding!! I don't think its a song but cats like things they can cuddle w/or that vibrate.( get those sick minds out of the gutter :)
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I don't think cats are soothed by listening to music. Is there a certain reason that your cat is not happy?

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