Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What shall i do?

my family is going to have a weekend break in a hotel. shall i b ring the cat in my house? or i leave him in my mum house and go to feed him every day? couse i heard that cats have teritory
I would definately leave him in your mom's house. Cats hate change and it stresses them out a great deal. That stress can cause his not stop eating his food or even to become aggressive. He should be fine if it is only for a weekend.
Just the weekend? I'd leave him in the house with some food and water. Don't bring him with - he probably won't appreciate it.
if u don't mind going to ur moms everyday while they r gone and feeding him,that would be best
i dnt think it rele matters just as long as it gets fed?? i would just leave it there and go feed it coz its less hassle xx

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