Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of cat food is the best?

im researching to get a cat. does anyone know the best kind of kitten food and the kind of litter that doesnt smell but isnt that expensive ?
Absolutely the best food for any cat or kitten is one you make yourself. There is so much available information today on how to do it properly.
My cats have been eating a raw meat diet for the past seven years and the benefits are immeasurable. The time and effort (and even the expense) will keep your kitten out of the vet's office most of his life.
You can go to several sites, join a Yahoo group, read books, etc: and read Dr. Jean Hovfe's articles on cat nutrition for more by a veterinarian on cat diets.
I just read a book by Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM "Your Cat - Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life" That's a $30 book and I got it through my public library system. She is convinced that 95% of all reasons cats end up in the vet office is because of an inappropriate diet.
Sandy Arora's book "Whole Health for Happy Cats". A very attractive book with many health subjects and recipes for making your own cat food. That's available through Amazon for around $20.
A good Yahoo group to join is WholeCatHealth. The list leader is very knowledgeable about nutrition and most members are feeding raw or converting their cats to it.
So if you invest your time and money in the beginning with a kitten you will save mucho money and anguish by starting the kitten off right.
By the way cats who eat a raw meat diet poop very little (in quantity) and it doesn't smell.
try purina kitten chow there's many different kinds, they're all good. try tidy cats crystals its a tad expensive but it contains no smelly stuff, and it doesnt stick to the kitty's pads, so you dont have litter all over the place.
My cats love Meow Mix.
For cat food you want the first ingredient listed to be a good protein source. Not a by-product or meal. And avoid a food that has a lot of corn or filler in it. Doing some research on the web is a good place to start. Grocery store pet foods arent really the best foods to feed and you might have better luck at places like Petsmart or Petco because there is more of a variety. For litter, I use Special Kitty. Its about $5 and I think it works just as well as the more expensive brands.
Purina kitten chow
and scoops litter is very good but a little pricey
For food, there is nothing from the grocery store. Those are all made from very poor ingredients, including euthanized animals. Look for something that has chicken as the first ingredient. Enova is a good one. Search for natural cat foods. Petco carries Nutro Natural - not great but not terrible. My cat eats it because she refuses too eat anything healthier. Also, cats don't need wet food - only for a treat. It isn't good for them.
I do not know about kittens however for cats I use a product called Wellness, it is really good with no byproducts at all. Do not buy cheap cat food with loads of by products from who knows where, ( maybe even China) buy the best you can get now and save tons of money latter at the Vets. Always use dry food, wet caned food causes loads of other problems.
purina kitten chow. and maybe try freshstep crystals
there's really no decent cat food down the aisle in the grocery stores. to find a decent cat food you should go to PetSmart or Petco. They usually have an aisle with the "better" types of food with more of the essential protein content. I feed my cat Purina ProPlan. I've heard that Science Diet is decent too.
i feed my cats a 50%26#92;50 mix of hills science diet "oral care" and nutro complete for indoor cats. they have good teeth (my little manx had to have her teeth cleaned at 1yr. old before i started this) they shed very little and the indoor formula helps with the litter smells cats think its great. don't foolaround changing food all the time or theyll get fussy. find a good brand they like and stick with it. i think you'll be happy spending a little more with the pet shop brands.. overall fewer problems. however you need to start out with a special kitten food first. these foods are too big for a baby kitty, they look like dog food !
Purina Kitten Chow.

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