Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What kind of cat is it, in the "Friskies Feed the Senses" commercial?

For reference, today at 9:22 am ET on Fox News the Friskies commercial features a cat with black and brown colors: black dots on his chest and stomach and black stripes on his sides. Is it a particular breed?
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its probably a DSH - Domestic Short Hair (I have seen the commercial)
without seeing registration papers - you can not be sure it is any kind of breed
as far as the COLOR of the cat
it is a MACKREL TABBY... for sure!
(which refers to the pattern of larger tabby stripes.
I Havent Seen the Commercial But It Sounds Like Calico
Sounds like a brown tabby colour, as for breed it could be any number. I haven't seen the ad either.
Calico is blotches of black and ginger/orange, quite often with white as well.

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