Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What makes cats purr?

One study determined that purring involves activation of the nerves within the voice box. These nerve signals cause vibration of the vocal cords while the diaphram serves as a piston pump, pushing air in and out of the vibrating cords, thus creating a musical hum. One veterinarians believe that purring is initiated from within the central nervous system and is a voluntary act. In other words, cats purr when they want to. Another theory is that the sound comes more from vibrating blood vessels than in the voicebox itself.
When there happy with there owner they would purr alot and like if there just delighted or happy and when you pet them they purr somethimes
I believe it is a vocal coard in their throught (Spelling)? As the air passes through a space that can be opened through the cord it produces a purring sound. Cats purr when they are either happy and relaxed or in pain and stressed. I read somewhere how they purr, but that was a while ago so don't take my word.
Interesting thought but it is sure is nice to hear you know by that sound that your kitty is happy kinda of like talking i guess

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