Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What method to get rid of fleas on cats/kittens works the best?

I have dusting powder, ive heard of shampoos, bath dips, pills, anything and everything! Which works the best?
20 Mule Team Borax....Borax is a laundry product and found in the same aisle as the laundry detergents. Buy a box and and then punch holes in the top of the box making a type of shaker. Vacuum all of your carpet and then sprinkle Borax into the carpet. Broom it in where it seems to be too heavy. Leave it in and when you are vacuuming your carpets in a few days re apply Borax again.
There are 4 stages to a flea cycle egg larvae pupa and adult.
Your commercial applications like frontline, advantage on killing the adult fleas.
The borax will work on the eggs (drying them out) and the Larvae (kills them when they eat the Borax that is in the carpet) and the Pupa ( a nuclear blast wouldn't damage the pupa. )
So until all the pupa develop into adults and are killed by the local application of the flea meds, you will continue to see fleas. But once they are gone and you continue your diligence by applying Borax once per month you will never see a flea again!
Good luck!
Well, to get rid of the fleas on your cats %26 kittens fast the best thing to do is visit the Vet and get a pill called CapStar. This will kill the live fleas instantly. Then, to keep the fleas off of them FrontLine would be the best thing to do. It's something you put between their shoulder blades every 3-4 weeks depending on how bad fleas are in your area. This also takes care of any ticks that would be prone to getting on them. If you're trying not to visit the Vet then I don't think I can be much of a help. You could try some of the flea shampoos out there but sometimes they only last for 5-10 days and you need something that protects longer than that since getting a cat in the bathtub can be a hassle! Your best bet is to go with the CapStar pill %26 then FrontLine every month after that.
Go to the vet pay 80 or more for shampoo, the stuff you put between there shoulders, and a spray, buy them flea collars, clean the carpets with anti flea cleaner, get rid of what they sleep on, and give them a bath every week.
start bathing your cat as a kitten and it will be easier to bath as it gets older; I use Dawn (the regular blue animal rescue kind) and a flea comb.
You can also you Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Both kill the fleas instantly :) It's fun to see them drop dead and line the bottom of the tub or sink.
try useing an essental oil, it should fix the problem, i forget what specific one but its not toxic and its safe and natural
Get out the petroleum jelly and start hunting down those fleas on the cat. When you see one, dab your finger in the jelly and smother that flea. I did this on my kitten. She had Front Line applied at the vet, then a couple weeks later, the fleas were all over her poor little face. If you rub the jelly around the worst infested area, the fleas can not move. Then you can comb them out with a fine toothed comb. Of course, wipe off the excess jelly off the kitten.
The best and safest is one of the "spot on" types like Advantage, Revolution, etc. They kill the fleas, etc withing 24 hours and is totally safe for them.
Flea Powders are ineffective, as are flea collars. Herbals can be effective to keep fleas away, so long as you have got rid of them in the first place.
Bathing is not required - they wash themselves - and can cause skin problems.
the BEST, cheapest, and safest method is a flea comb...
simply comb the cat under lights or outside and have sticky tape nearby - stick any fleas or flea eggs to the tape for easy disposal.
vaccumm your house and sofa.. wash all cat bedding
Keep the cat INDOORS ONLY...

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