Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What might cause my cat's stool to contain blood?

One of my cats has had diarrhea for a few days. I took him to the vet today and they could find nothing wrong (although he did not have enough stool for them to take a sample). His appetite and energy level are normal. He has been on the same food for two years (and my other cats are eating out of the same bag of food and having no problems). The vet has given me some medication to treat the diarrhea symptoms. Tonight, however, I noticed blood in his stool (this was the first time I had noticed blood). It was bright red, and there wasn't very much. I am just wondering what might be causing the diarrhea and blood in his stool, seeing as he appears to be otherwise healthy. (By the way, I have a vet appointment tomorrow morning for a different cat to get vaccinations, and I am going to bring the ill cat back, along with a stool sample, to get checked again.)
Bloody stool can be caused by intestinal parasites (treated with dewormers), infection (treated with antibiotics), intestinal ailments like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (treated with steroids and anti-inflammatories), a foreign body in the intestinal tract (like string, or other things kitties have a tendancy to ingest), or Mega Colon. Mega colon happens in older cats and is treated with Cefulac Syrup and Cisapride, which are oral medications.
As you can see, the causes for blood in the stool are all treatable, so don't you panic! Your veterinarian will perform a fecal testing with a stool sample. The feces will be studied under a microscope to identify any intestinal parasites or abnormal bacteria. If the fecal testing is clear, your veterinarian may want to perform blood work and an x-ray to see if there is anything relevant that can be seen that is causing the bloody stool. The condition will be treated accordingly. I hope this helps and best of luck.
It could be from a lot of different things from parasites like coccidia or hook worms to a virus to ulcerative colitis. Hopefully with a stool sample the vet will be able to rule out certain things and get on top of the problem. Good luck
Bright red is ok, that means something like hemorroids. As long as he/she is eating and drinking ok is a good sign. Deep red is bad. That means bleeding in the intestines and u need to take him/her to the vet. How old is the cat??
Hopefully, your vet will be able to give you an answer. If this blood is a rare or almost one time occurrence, it could be due to stress. Yes, cats can get stress. When there has been some dramatic changes in my house, I have seen blood a couple of times. And you would never think this cat would have stress.
A small amount of bright red blood in the stool means it is coming from the large intestine and with his history of recent diarrhea it is most likely a broken capillary - not serious.
I am glad you will mention it to the vet tomorrow and hope that the diarrhea medication will take care of the problem
get another vets advice
I was told from a friend today that his cat ate a mouse that ate rat poison ( small blue or green pellets). Rat and mouse poison supposed to thin their blood and make the rodents bleed out.
The cat had blood in its stool because it ingested the mouse that was contaminated with the poison . The vet I believe gave the cat vitamin K as a clotting agent and it worked! FYI.
Good Luck

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